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    When Fortress Forever came out, I decided to remake my best TFC map, Duality. Lots of tweaks and extra detailing to bring it up to Source engine standards. Should be ideal for all those fledgling FF leagues Hope ya like it. Download Images: 01 02 03 04 05
  2. Done a final beta cause someone was asking about it: http://www.mallosworld.co.uk/de_malta_fb.zip No major changes, just clipped all of the map, made the basement bigger with a extra route, added some cliffs on the outskirts of the map. Just really looking for any final bugs so i can get it released, been working on it on/off since before xmas and am kinda fed up of it now :roll:
  3. Thanks for the feedback so far guys, its given me lots to work with
  4. WheRe Is My MiNd?


    Made a little cs:s map influenced by my hols to Malta. Any constructive feedback would be much appreciated DL link: http://www.mallosworld.co.uk/map/de_malta_b1.zip Some piccies: Street: Churchyard: Church crypt: Cellar:
  5. ive done beta 2 now: http://www.mallosworld.co.uk/csmap/cs_b ... ory_b2.zip This is as polished up as I am likely to take it now, just gonna put this beta out and see if anyone has any final suggestions. Some of the key changes besides obvious polishing and detailing include: -The doors are wider and thats pretty much fixed any problems the bots were having. -Added the 2nd route for the cts to take when they spawn. -The gap between the stairway is wider so you can now jump down it. -Changed shape of corridor on the top floor so its less of a sniper trap -Added more sounds If anyone has a server and would like to give it a test with some peeps sometime that would be much appreciated.
  6. Ok done a beta: http://www.mallosworld.co.uk/csmap/cs_b ... ory_b1.zip Everything is in place but its quite rough in places. Ive been working on it pretty much everyday for the last 2 weeks or so and just felt a break was needed so I figured bringing all the sections together and getting out a beta was a good cutting off point while I have a few days off and do few other things. Also included a nav file for bot play though dont expect it to work perfectly. You may notice 1 glaring problem is the doorways, they are too small to fit more than 1 hostage at a time, so they end up blocking each other.
  7. To be fair, yeah, the outside section was inspired from hl2 but its not a direct copy of that area, it was just done to get to grips with that sort of look and theme. Im now working on trying to make it a bit more unique and look as run down as the indoor areas. The indoor sections are not based on anything Ive seen in hl2 however (if its there I dont remember it). It looks more like something you would see in max payne imo. Thanks for the constructive feedback anyways
  8. Just working on a hostage rescue map for cs:s set in a run down apartment block in some eastern bloc country. Let me know your thoughts Apartment where hostages are kept: Outside area where cts spawn: Following is the cellar:
  9. Thx for the feedback. I agree about the setting being very unoriginal though when I came up with the idea it was meant to have that old victorian canal look with big brick warehouses along it so I guess you could say I sorta lost focus there
  10. Hi, a new hl2dm map been working on, which is now at beta 1. Its a small industrial area running along an old canal route. Any constructive feedback welcome Download beta here: http://www.mallosworld.co.uk/map/dm_sensesfail_b1.zip
  11. Just a new image of latest bit been working on:
  12. Thx for the feedback so far, this is pic of the security room (with better scaled textures ), whats ya thoughts?
  13. An image of 1 of the corridors:
  14. that model: models/props_vehicles/truck001a.mdl
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