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  1. Available for work again. Lego NEXO Knights To launch LEGO Nexo Knights, MediaMonks produced an in-store game, VR installation and online quest platform. The VR installation allows kids to meet the heroes of the IP in person. Using Google Cardboard, kids can look around the Nexo Knights training ground for an interactive introduction to the knights and their signature moves. The in-store game uses motion-tracking to let kids play with the knights in a virtual training simulation using a real wand and Nexo Shield. But to become a real Nexo Knight, kids have to join our online Nexo Knights Academy to complete a series of IP-related quests.
  2. March of War – Sickle At ISOTX we worked on the free-to-play title March of War. A turn-based strategy game for PC and tablets. It is based on a World War 2 theme with a twist towards over engineering and diesel punk hardware. Find more images here: http://www.robertberrier.com/portfolio/march-of-war-sickle/ Tri Count: 2199 In-game Texture Res: 512 x 512
  3. [ Available for off-site contract work ] Last updated: May 2020 Focused on a clean and structured process, built from experience and competency. I am looking to find clients that are in need of professional 3D art production and design. I work with a process that ensures a smooth collaboration, and which finds the best outcome that fits within the project scope. This process will support us in both communication, production and management. My goal is to take away your need of art micro-management. So you have more time to focus on the bigger picture of your project. - Clean delivery with clean files and naming conventions. - Art that works, ready for implementation depending on your programmers needs. - On time delivery with clear communication. - Knowledge of game development pitfalls and it's management challenges. Meaning catching the problems before they occur. - Autonomous workflow, meaning you don't need to micromanage our collaboration. I'm looking for serious work. If your budget is low, I can offer you a "ask for advice" call to help you get the most out of your project. In return I ask you to share my name with others who could benefit from my work and knowledge. Have a small question? simple send me an email and I will gladly help you. www.robertberrier.com [email protected] Robert Berrier | Master 3D artist, CEO & Founder www.robertberrier.com | [email protected] Skype: Robert Berrier - 3D Art Phone: +31 6 52308591
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