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  1. I'll probably just look at some older games. Know any good platform indie games I could mod? Also, when you say whiteboxing, do you mean creating textures to apply to geometry? If so, that's not too bad. I did a little of that on UE4 before my computer stopped being able to handle it.
  2. Well, I've done a lot of designs on paper, just not on the computer because of lack of assets. I'm more leaning towards coding than modeling and texturing.
  3. I tried the UE4 marketplace, but it was too damn expensive. All the good assets were fifty dollars or more. I think I'm leaning more towards modding at this point. Does anyone know how much space a Half-Life 2 or Skyrim will take up on my computer?
  4. I have many ideas for levels, but none of the software to implement them. I've been mostly designing levels on paper for awhile now. I really want to make levels to share, but don't want to get into 3D modeling. If anything, I'd rather learn a bit of coding. I'm more a fan of taking the assets and making something out of them. That's why I'm looking for an engine with pre-loaded assets (or mods as I've been told).
  5. How's it going everyone? I'm new here and was drawn here due to my love for level design. My dilemma is that I have no way to create my own assets and want to start designing with an engine (or mod however it is defined) where there are a ton of assets built in and ready to be used. Kind of like how people create their own Counter Strike maps. I have a macbook pro and have experience with UE4. My goal is to build up a portfolio that I feel comfortable showing to people. If anyone could give some advice and examples of that too, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time!
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