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  1. Thanks to everyone! deleting the "$refractamount" line and increasing a bit the alpha value, seems to fix the problem!
  2. I dont have the materials (.vtf) "glass_d" and "glass_n" in my files, might you please give them to me? This kinda works, but sometimes, in certain angles you still being not able to see the glass wall. Thanks! Yeah, but the thing is that i need the glass texture the more clear possible.
  3. Hello, im new in this level desing world, im making a csgo level, and im putting glass wall. i made a texture that actually works, but i realize that only works if u have the video settings on high, if you have those settings on low you wont see the glasses. I dont have idea about how to fix this. This is the vmt for the texutre: LightmappedGeneric { "$basetexture" "glass/vidrio" "$translucent" "1" "$alpha" ".04" "$surfaceprop" "glass" "$additive" "1" "$refractamount" ".5" "$envmap" "env_cubemap" "$envmaptint" "[1 1 1]" } Any help will be really apreciatted
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