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  1. Full Name: Tim Baijens Nickname: Vudori Map Name: DM-Abyss Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tqwbvyj4n8ad3e2/AADbqKtkeM6vOXolT0P3XbYOa?dl=0 I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula ). Hi! my WIP level is still a bit rough. Sadly I had little time the past month, had to work on this in between my exams and a project deadline. Luckily that's behind me now and I've finally got a holiday to work more on this! Thanks for this Epic & Mapcore, really love these contests. Hopefully you'll enjoy the map, I'm not happy with the flow in certain areas yet - but I've got some good ideas how to fix it. I'll appreciate any feedback I can get of course. Note: it's been packaging for 6 hours already.. I've uploaded the content files for now. I'm not seeing anything on submission requirements and others have done this as well so I assume this is fine... Edit: and once its done cooking, I'll add the packaged level to the dropbox folder (done). Edit2: Disclaimer added
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