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  1. I have tried that texture with different brush widths, but still bullets go through.
  2. There are models in hammer editor that can only be used as physic props, but there is model that I dont want to work as physic prop so how to disable the physics entirely for that prop?
  3. But how to make the explosion animation? or does it generate that automatically?
  4. How to create object that explodes or creates some other effects upon receiving damage? For an example, if player shoots at gas tank and it explodes.
  5. Tutorial was not clear on that issue, it just said that 4 sides are allowed for texture but nothing about that it doesnt work if glass texture is on both sides.
  6. Mapham

    Light beam from windows

    I though about that, but texture should not be visible from the inside so it doesnt double.
  7. I have tried light spot entity, but it doesnt work as I want. Is there any other way than having model prop for that purpose? There is youtubevideo about creating light beam, but its probably for older hammer version because cs:go editor has only fog control texture and its not the same.
  8. The problem was that that only 1 side of the brush was allowed to have glass texture.
  9. That solution doesnt work, the whole glass entity disappeared.
  10. I wonder how this can be done properly.
  11. I dont even know the basics how to create "normal texture" to begin with. I would appreciate easy to follow instructions how to make workin normal texture in paint.net Also I would like to know how to make texture that is partially transparent so it can be used as lantern where light inside can go through. I managed to create somewhat working transparent texture, but it doesnt work quiet as wanted. My goal is to create paper lantern which shows the light source inside the box, but doesnt let all light through.
  12. I have paint.net, there is some normal setting but I dont know how to use that. When I choose the normal map, the image is just blue and doesnt have right color.
  13. Figured how to make basic texture, but how to make texture have illusion of 3d lightning?
  14. I have tried VTFedit but it doesnt start because of an error, so is there any similar program?
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