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Second release - 5 skies.


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Here we go.

Click to enlarge the images, go to the bottom for downloads.

I would love to see any of the 'days' skies in Unreal or Quake, fits those games best I think, since I adjusted them for floater maps.

Same deal as before, only TGA. NO source specific shaders included.

(This doesen't look good inside Q3, much better in Source, has probably with the low color information to do, Q3 doesen't display that too good, looks like a 16bits texture.)



(updated 27th, added the correct sky with the better sun)



(updated 28th, removed a funky planet)



Grimm Night


Stormy Days

Violent Days


SOURCE versions by Slackiller, thanks alot.





http://www.slackiller.com/downloads/sky ... tellar.zip

How to use them:

You need to write shaders for most modern games, for source you need to convert them to vmt and vmf files.

Shader to use in Q3 (basic).



	qer_editorimage textures/xxx/xxx



	surfaceparm sky

	surfaceparm noimpact

	surfaceparm nolightmap

	skyparms textures/xxx/env/skyname - -



Source (basic (needs to be applied to all six images))



	"$baseTexture" "skybox/skyname"

	"$nofog" 1

	$ignorez 1


How to get them working in Doom 3
They need some work to work in Doom 3 though (I just tried the violentdays one but I assume the other ones have the same naming/orientation). Original file name on left, D3 file name on right:
violentdays_rt = violentdays_left

violentdays_ft = violentdays_forward

violentdays_lf = violentdays_right

violentdays_bk = violentdays_back

violentdays_dn = violentdays_down

violentdays_up = violentdays_up
In addition the up image must be rotated 90 degrees clockwise and the down image rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. The material shader I used:


	qer_editorimage	textures/skies/violentdays_back.tga




	forceOpaque		// so transparent windows can draw on top of it


		forceHighQuality		// new addition to make hires texture 

		nopicmip		// new addition to make hires texture 

		blend add		// so transparent windows can draw on top of it

		cameraCubeMap	env/violentdays

		texgen	skybox

		texgen	wobblesky .0 .0 .0



Then it works!


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Man they look pretty cool but I'm not sure if they will look that good ingame. The UP part seems to be very clean and the rest of the detail is concentrated in the lower parts (which wont be seen ingame probably). I'm talking specifically about the second and last ones.

Would love to see ingame shots of them to get further comments.

---editing ---

gah nevermind, just read your post. :oops:

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* MIRAMAR UPDATED* When I awoke high noon this day, I noted that I uploaded and released the wrong version, that is now fixed, the sun looked odd on the older one...

the miramar one is fukin awesome :o

And now its better cause its the real version not the temp.

they do look very cool although they seem to be in a perspective where you're above the clouds

Yea but, miramar and grimm can be used pretty normal, espec Miramar looks very good, its like the airport map in Raven Shield, for those that played that (awesome) game.

Those skies are pretty well made! Made in which program?

Core in Terragen, the rest in Photoshop, using photos of skies that I've taken and also found on the web.

You should probably also mention that these would work fairly kickass in a UT map. :wink:

I did mention Unreal, and that covers UT ;) I think these skies (except grimm) would fit Unreal just perfect, its that kinda style, light and color-ish.


how do i get these to work?

I take you mean Source, else I think you would have known. You need to convert them to vtf and then write a shader for each of the six images. I don't release source specific textures and shaders, I don't like that since I release my textures on many sites for different games, TGA is universal.

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