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It doesn't feel like any space in the map goes to waste and it's easy to figure out where you are at after walking around for 5min. The map is pretty compact but there are a few long angles. I'd feel like awpers would dominate sites either pushing or defending from how spaced out both sites are. A few unique features like the fence boost and how mid is setup. Looking forward to the playtest.

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Did some changes for todays playtest at THW (12:00 CT)

Special thanks to @Plantkillable (and chis community) and @untor for testing and providing feedback


Think I will have to lower the container some more to make it usefull to bounce nades on. Filled up A site some more


I have made the B bomsite area abit smaller and put the plantzone in the center instead of behind the pillars


Mid boost has a catwalk going into the B window room. This area is now only accesable by boost for both teams. Also removed the peek hole watching into the tunnel.20190227153301_1.jpg.b48bb087257365ec3b15c0f193152e22.jpg

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Another update.
This time reworked A bombsite and mid to B connector. Also relocated CT spawn. Changed the taxi on B  site to a truck, but dam that model has some bad collision 😒
Maybe I'll move T spawn abit further in the future, but playtest must tell more. 







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Well I was trying a few brick textures on one dev wall... and then I found one and just started detailing the whole building 😅 So a first art pass on this area then:


Will have to smoothen the curved path, haven't done much work on the floor since I quickly made it for the screenshots ;)

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I love how It's turning out so far! It vaguely reminds me of coop_cementplant in a way with the night-time factory theme.

Though here's a suggestion: Some of the windows could have lights on behind them. You don't have to make the insides if you don't wanna make all of that, but you could try something sort of like what I did with the windows on a distant house in one of my maps: (A window frame with a flat texture behind it, and a light in front of it)


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