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AAA Design Test (Game / Level )

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10 minutes ago, blackdog said:

Sharing is caring, thank you!

what you mean “fucking up in the interview”? curious if is questions of game theory or other stuff. (Also you know what went wrong from feedback or deduction)

@blackdog - I'll use a couple of example to what I meant by fucking up in the interview

In one of my earlier interviews, the led asked me a general question related to one of the projects that I did. And rather than answering the truth about my design ideas, I tried to impress them on the spot by trying to make up answers that they wanted to hear, because I was scared if they would dismiss my ideas and my thinking.  And eventually, it leads me to being clueless about the shit that I was doing. 

Later on, as I "grew wise", fuck ups happened when I was unwilling to accept what the studio's design idea when it came to valuating fun gameplay design was. These were minute things such as "we make shit procedural so we have 1 zillion replayability" and stuff like that so forth. So in short, arguing with a studio;s set design idea - will lead you to lose your job offer. 

So I guess those two examples should tell you enough. Be what you are and talk about what you know and know really well. Don't try to be something you are not, in short xD 

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Edit - Broke this post a bit - Do spoilers work at the moment?

Nice of you to share. Since we're on the topic of design tests I thought I'd share the one I did for Codemasters almost 6 years ago. They had me make a race track in Trackmania.

Here was the brief:


Using the tools, we would like you to build a fun, interesting, varied and above all accessible track that takes between 1m15s to 1m45s to complete a lap. This track should be set up to support a 3-lap race with checkpoints, and will be assessed in a multiplayer race setting.

We would also like you to deliver a short explanatory document detailing:

· How you believe the elements of the track satisfy the brief above

· What you would do to enhance the track if you had access to more comprehensive tools

Things to bear in mind:

· The track should be designed to suit a competitive race, as opposed to a ‘Trials HD’ style challenge

· The track must be accessible (not for just hardcore driving fans)

· What are the track landmarks and signposting?

· What will make your track stand out?

I'd never used the Trackmania before so spent a day or two learning the tools and then I created a track. I then went beyond the test and did a multiplayer test, got some feedback, made changes and then did further tests for some final feedback.

I also made a video diary of my progress each day which can be found here:

If you check the description in each of the videos I have posted my thoughts and what I plan on doing next etc.


They were impressed I went the extra mile with the testing, iteration and video blog and it landed me my first job in the industry. Been loving it ever since :) 

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