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work on duke nukem forever!


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3drealms is hiring a level designer


We are looking for level designers with the following skills.

* Game play. Job #1. You need to love games and know what's fun, so you can implement fun missions and create moment to moment game play and combat encounters that people will remember.

* Visuals. You need to have a good eye for visuals and the ability to texture and light your levels to high aesthetic standards.

* Technical. You need to have a technical mind and critical thinking skills, so that you can do the above while maintaining frame rate and within technical constraints.

* You will be creative, and continually impress those around you with clever implementations and side projects you experiment with. You will be easy to work with and have no problem collaborating with people. You will not claim a level as "mine" and be resentful if people help with it.

* Prior game development experience with a first person shooter is a very strong plus. We're working on an FPS action game and if those kinds of games aren't your favorite, then you probably shouldn't apply.

* UnrealEd and Doom 3 experience is a plus.

* Mod guys welcome. You just have to be talented and passionate. You don't need 4 years experience.

* This is a full-time position with relocation to Garland, Texas (suburb of Dallas), USA. Applicants must be a US citizen or posses the appropriate right to work in the United States.

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They don't mention source since they like things big in TX, big like doom3 not big in story, art OR innovation, just big on resource hog :D

I can't say anything big on Unreal, maybe it's big, like the modding community before the HL kiddies got their second version of hopshoot, CS:S.

I'd send my portfolio in there, if I had one, and I didn't mind waiting for my first paycheck for 20 years, and even then when the DNF is ready it CAN'T sell so much that it covers the developing expenses of like 50 years of development.

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i think its a great opportunity, especially the line

Mod guys welcome. You just have to be talented and passionate. You don't need 4 years experience.

Not everyone has years of game industry experience, but they are talented enough to know how to do game developement work :D I hope they get alot of applicants.

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