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Now I get that I'm probably extremely hard to please when it comes to XCOM/UFO and I really wanna wait until they've actually shown it off properly, but as a first reaction then this direction looks really unappealing. I always loved the entire setup of you having to defend earth in a somewhat contemporary setting, and changing it for some covert ops future setting with the aliens having taken over earth is just so far away from that that it looks like a completely different game, tho I totally get the tricky situation of having to make a sequel to XCOM that doesn't just feel like a reskin (tho doing the same game again with more locations and procedural levels would be fine for me, lols)


Anyway, I'm an old idiot who is way too nostalgic about the original XCOM, so I should probably just calm down for now :)


Those screenshots really don't look too hot either, tho procedural levels sound nice :)

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Mazy, I agree with you a bit on this. It's a very powerful premise to take control of Xcom on the verge of alien takeover and overcoming the odds of that etc. I guess they wanted to make a continuation and not a repeat. I mean, even if they tried making the second game about a new alien invasion, the "innocence" of humanity would be sort of lost and we would already have really cool guns etc. And a complete reboot might be a bit soon. :P

I kind of like their approach though. This kind of conspiratorial takeover of earth by the aliens is exactly the kind of premise you expect to find in a story involving "greys" (the kind of alien that sectoids look like). So I'm pretty optimistic right now.

Also... IT'S XCOM2!!!!!!!!!!!

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Given that they knocked it completely out of the park with XCOM Enemy Unknown (and did some really cool stuff with Enemy Within as well), then I'm definitely going to give them a lot of chances, and again then it is a tricky job to create a follow up to XCOM.

Hell, just look at Terror from the Deep, that was an attempt at keeping it within the roughly same fiction as the original but trying to mix it up, and it really didn't deliver in any way. Hopefully they can mix things up in a meaningful way and not be too weird or feel necessitated to change everything just to seem fresh.

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I'm excited, but the snake enemies are cheesy af. Do they also live on a desert planet with architecture reminiscent of ancient egypt? Seems to me they're trying a little too hard to follow in the footsteps of the original.

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Well by the looks of that image, 'Snakeman' was more of a slang term for these creatures, not the fact that they actually looked exactly like snakes :P (Don't know wtf is going on with that thing's mouth.. Is that a tongue?) I'd have liked them to have come up with a more original design rather than just.. flat out copying a snake.

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