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[UE4] Learning blueprints and making a small game


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Hi guys,

since UE4 came out and saw the blueprint system, I wanted to learn everything about them. So I started a project to make a small game and level using blueprints only.

I will be making everything from game to level design. a buddy of mine will be making some art for it and dress up the level.

There is not a lot to show at the moment because there is no complete level yet. But in a couple of days that should all be up here.

About the game

it's a 3d platformer where you manipulate the environment around you to solve puzzles. The player is able to rotate objects around him to make a path.

This works very similar to a Rubik cube. But instead of having a whole cube to rotate only a few smaller cubes will be able to rotate. I will put a video below for explanation


This video only shows how the player can make the objects move. Not the actual blocks that move to make a path. I will be posting that video with the level design progress.

Level Design

The main focus off this project is to learn more about single player design and introducing the player to the game mechanics. I just entered the level design phase so updates will follow soon.

current state

currently the whole cube rotation system is in place with a few small bugs. a first look at the level is almost ready. I am still ironing out some design errors.

If you have any questions, remarks or other input please let me know.

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Finally, the first update.

I have been playing around wit the level and the actual puzzles.
The puzzles are finished but not fully implemented so that will come in a later update.

I have made some textures for better communication when it comes to art part of the project.
Blue: This is for all the pretty arty stuff that isn't really important for the game play and can be whatever it needs to be.
Red: Line of sight blockers. Some art that is needed on that spot so that some parts of the level are obscured when I want it.
White: This is basically where the player is going to walk and structures that need to be in place to interact with the player.


Its is going to take place in an ice cave, so a lot of the level is going to be inside. But i try to have a mix of both inside and outside parts in the level.


This is the spawn location. As you can see there is a big line of sight blocker to focus the view more on the entrance of the cave and also to deny an early view on the puzzle.


When you enter the cave you see these big blocks and an exit. These big blocks are part of the puzzle that I will explain now.
To ease the players into the puzzle mechanics I divided the puzzle into 3 parts.
In the first part of the puzzle you can only rotate the lowest blocks. So the first part can be solved by working in one dimension.
The second part will add another dimension but not difficult to teach the player how to move cubes in other dimensions.
The third part is all dimension combined and if you solve this puzzle you will be able to get out of the cave.

I am thinking of making this project a bit bigger and add a few more puzzles that have different takes on this concept.

Next update will be implementing the puzzles and showing you more in detail how they work.

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