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Free Art & Level Design Resources Megathread

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Level Design
World Of Level Design

level-design.org - Knowledge Base 

Guiding The Player's Eye

Level Design Inspiration Machine (Tumblr gallery)

Composition in Level Design (Gamasutra version) 


Game Design
pixelprospector.com (Big List of Game Design Articles)

The Designers Notebook (Lots of articles by Ernest W. Adams)


User Interface Design


Developer Diaries

Game Trailers - Dev Diaries


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Updated the first post with some links. I'll curate these so they don't become a huge mess in the future but feel free to post links here!


Also, anyone from the core who got tutorials on their portfolios let me know!

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Not going to edit your thread, but I'd be happy to see at least the level design theory-related resources from the old thread to be carried over into this one ("General Level Design Articles & Best Practises"): 


Also the 3D section might be a better fit than OT?

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Hey thur guys ! 

Been prototyping a first person game in UE4 and got to the point where I needed military-ish hands. So I found a CSS rig online and decided to do a little work on it in Maya to fit UE4's standards (1 root instead of 2). I had to redo the skin weights... I'm a level designer soooo... It's definitely usable but not "pro". It's a really bare bones rigs (massively bad pun lol). There's no controls, constraints and fancy things like that. I added a bone for camera animations and such. 

The main use for this thing is just to have something to work off from when prototyping realistic fps games (no grey character thing or blue guy). I've linked the source files that I used to tweak the rig if people want to change stuff. There's a 2014 and a 2016 Maya file, an fbx and unreal files you guys can add directly to your projects (created with 4.8.3). I've also added the original textures. They are referenced in the Maya projects. 

Here's the download link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/9y333vxqqvg0kud/FirstPersonHands.zip?dl=0

Hope this thing is going to be useful for people doing the same-ish stuff as me. 


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