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[Unity] WIP - Material work


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Hello! How are you guys?

Here at work, we're doing a side project, is a puzzle action in Unity.

Long time ago, I began to make some concepts (is a side project, so... i work on it occasionally) and last week I was experimenting with Unity and materials.

here's my progress =)

I started rendering this block on illustrator, then sent to photoshop, made height map and used nDo for normal mapping... Thanks to Mino for the precious tips =)


1- problems with material and normal map... i like this squared shapes on diffuse, but on normal map they suck...




4- here, i figured out that specular should be on alpha channel in unity... i was trying to use as a separate image... without success. Ah! Mino made this specular map for me (using cavity map)


5- here the latest version, with a greenish specular....


And the mapas i'm using on latest version...

I'm trying out different approaches... to find the right render style for difuse and effects...

Well, what do you think?

Coments and critics are welcome =)

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Hey man!

Sorry for not actually giving any useful feedback on the material itself, but the complexity of the test geometry is very distracting. You have several oval and square indents and protusions that just look messy. Try to make a cleaner "test piece" so you can focus your work on the shader and avoid a lot of confusion that might arise from the odd shapes of the metal plate.

What shader are you using? One of Unity's built-in shaders?

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What shader are you using? One of Unity's built-in shaders?

Yeah, im using specular on left, and bumped specular on right.... i tried to use this http://www.unifycommunity.com/wiki/inde ... pColorSpec but just didn't work... But its ok, i believe this simples specular should be faster to render than bumped specular or this bumpColorSpec that didn't worked...

About block's shape, im going to work on something cleaner. So Mino suggested to not use this SO BLACK veins in the block, but maybe gray ones, so the veins could be less visible...

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  • 1 month later...

Hello! im back...

Today i was trying to model blocks for the game. So i tried to make a simple cube with a chamfer, and them assign texture to it. First time doing something for real in 3d... I do tried to learn 3d software before, but never had enough motivation or time to continue on...

So... Here is the block i made for the game... took some time to make (noob) and figure out how unwrap window works. And export the wireframe as image. UVW Unwrap is really annoying. Im using 3ds 2010. Do you have some tip to deal with unwrap? Mino told me sometime about a plugin for unwrap... do u guys know the name?



In game, only front, bottom and top of the blocks will be visible, and each block will be around 64 pixels on screen. So i'm doing 128px texture, and later i can downscale to 64 px. Is there some recomendation about viewport size and texture size?

Comments and critics are more than welcome. :)

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From what I get this is a 3D block similar to what a brick block from super Mario would be right?

Modelling-wise it does its job, since you'll most likely have hundreds of these around.

However I'm still not reading the material. Is that metal or stone?

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Suppose to be some sort of polished ancient stone...


you think that the specular is strange? the lighting i did on edges and stuff....?

This scene from Flashback is the main reference, from where came the idea. I kinda like this wall.


But you guys are right... the idead is still confuse.

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I think the main problem that you are having is trying to translate an aesthetic derived from technical constraints into another form that eliminates these constraints.

I mean, take a look at Peris procedural FPS, he could simulate something similar to that aesthetic. My humble advice would be to try to use bigger texture sizes with less noise and bigger clean faces. Forget about the chamfered box and try to map those in bigger shapes - take a look at Peris's rooms, they are vey basic geometry with large shapes and very little fine detail in the modelling.


Of course I most likely have no clue what I'm talking about. I just like to talk (write).

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