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Insurgency Media Update


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Today we bring you another 'major' update that is even larger than our last!

Along with this update comes our official change over for the new name of 'Insurgency.' This is just simplifying our previous name of 'Operation: Counter-Insurgency.' Many people are wonder what the shortform will be and we have decided to use the first three letters of Insurgency: 'INS.'

We also have the new domain www.insurgencymod.net, but www.opcoin.net will remain working until it expires.

You can now find the Forums at: forums.insurgencymod.net

And now, here is what we have worked long and hard on to bring you:

Click on a thumnail for a larger view...

Top to Bottom: RPK, M14, M4 Carbine, M40A3 Sniper Rifle





Top to Bottom: Iraqi Insurgent, British Soldier, US Marine




Top to Bottom: "Technical," BMP-3, M1A2 Abrams, AAVP7A1





This may actually look like less, but we have decided to post only skins, with the exception of vehicle models. You can find other weapon models in the Intel sections about each Team. Keep watch on Hl2Fallout.com because they will be having a preview of us including some exclusive new media! We will tell you about that once it happens.

The Sound Department has also produced another sound demo for you all to enjoy! You can get it from our Media Downloads page.

A new feature that comes with the new website is the Mod Tour. This is designed to provide you with a general idea of the mod. More detailed information can be found in the pages under Briefing and Intel (at the left side navigation).

Finally, check our new Jobs page for any available positions on the team.

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