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[CS:GO] Cusco


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  • 3 weeks later...

I moved the CT spawns back a bit to adjust the timings for the A routes. This had the side effect of making the CT timings to mid too fast. Then it occurred to me: why not just completely remove the route from CT spawn to mid? I was already trying to think of ways to avoid the archetypal CT sniper window at mid after all. This allowed me to simplify the CT side of the map, improving rotation speeds and making mid less hectic.

Current Layout


Now CTs can only reach mid from B site and from the middle connector. Since mid ends in a T-juncture, CTs must coordinate effectively from either side to secure mid control. If Ts gain control, the T-juncture provides adequate safety to function as a staging area for B site, while also enabling fakes/rotations to A site through the connector at the center of the map. At least that's the idea.

And with that, here's a first glimpse of Cusco!


B site



T Spawn



A Main



T-Side of Mid



CT Spawn



CT-Side of Mid



A Site



CT-Side of Mid



Alt route to A



CT Spawn to B Site


Check it out in the workshop and let me know what you think!


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Made some adjustments to the pathing at A Main.





I replaced the cubby on the right with a more deepened space so Ts could push out and be rewarded with a position closer to the site. I also added some  grassy elevation and replaced the cubby on the left with boost-able cover. Now if Ts get smoked out, they can boost up from the top of the hill and work parts of the site. 



On the B site, I added some angled doors to the Crypt entrances to make positions in and around it more playable. 


I also extended the plant zone to the back wall so Ts have a safer plant position.



Inside the Cathedral, I closed up the mezzanine here with some boarded up archways. I initially had it opened up for quicker rotations, but decided to close it up to give Ts some more safety and reduce some of the unnecessary open space on the map.



Updated Radar


Feeling like this will be ready for a playtest really soon. Probably one more update or two.



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  • 1 month later...

I've been working slowly but surely to get Cusco in a good place for playtesting. It has been case after case of "oh, let me just fix this first," but now I think I'm happy enough to get this rolling! I've added a lot more architecture and placeholder detail throughout the map, partly to give the greybox some more character, but more importantly to start bringing the vision together. I've made many greyboxes in the past that had interesting ideas, but where so abstract in their conception I could not figure out how to bring it all together. With Cusco, it's been a very delicate dance between function and form all throughout development. There are still some things to work out, but for the most part, I think I was able to give each area of the map a coherent and distinct identity.


CT SPAWN - Based on the Plaza de Armas, one of the most popular areas in the historic district in Cusco. It's a very open area with lots of pretty looking buildings. Seemed like the perfect eye candy for a spawn area. I've only worked on the playable area, but looking in the opposite direction will reveal an open view of the plaza.



The added arches allowed me to add a thick pillar for much needed cover during rotations through CT spawn.



A SITE - A Site is based around a hotel, which terrorists will attempt to destroy by blowing up a propane truck outside. I widened the windows above the doors for more grenade options during takes and retakes. Also added some vendor carts around the site for some addition cover.



I added a little nook in the middle of the plant zone for a safer plant position.



Moved some things around inside of the hotel lobby for readability. Also added a piano for partial cover.



T Spawn - T spawn is based on the Santa Ana Arch.



The route to B takes players through a cathedral based on the Basilica Catedral del Cusco.



The route to A leads up a residential road based on architecture around the Santa Ana Arch.



I spent a long time on google maps looking at various types of building designs that would work with the map's geometry. I focused on making things cohesive but also distinctive so players always know what part of the map they are in.



Y - I opened up the lower part of the Y-juncture for a few reasons. It allows Ts to move more freely and clear angles more methodically on the approach. It also gives CTs an opportunity to push out and hold a new angle towards the upper area for more aggressive plays. The building the CTs play inside of is shaping up to be an apartment complex under construction.


A MAIN - This staging area has turned into a warehouse. There are lots of construction material warehouses throughout the real city of Cusco. This area seemed like the right fit. Players can use the large windows above to throw grenades into the site.



I reduced the height of the stairs leading from the warehouse by half and added sloped terrain behind it to make the incline more gradual. I also pushed it farther back to enable more medium to long range gun play along this route.



B SITE - This site takes place outside the cathedral. Terrorists are trying to blow up a crypt that was built on the site of an Incan temple that was destroyed by the Spanish long ago.



I redesigned the main CT entrance to nerf some sniper positions towards balcony that I felt were too deep and hard to predict. Added a crate against the wall so CTs pushing through smoke are rewarded with a more advantageous position. 



The view from balcony towards the CT main entrance is simpler and easier to read. The crate I added was placed so that it cannot give snipers cover from players on the balcony.



MID - Layout for mid has remained mostly the same, just with some added architecture. Windows high up on the cathedral allow for lots of grenade play between mid and the staging area inside the cathedral for B site. One of my favorite features of the map.



There are also windows overlooking the CT side of Mid as well as B site proper.




Check out the latest version on the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2098558153

I'll be scheduling a playtest shortly.

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Very solid blockout, I think you got a winner here :)  I hope that in the final version you play a bit with lighting. Every CS map I see these days has the exact same lighting, the sky is blue, the sun light is a pale yellow, and the interiors look full bright. Would be nice to get some contrasts here and there (of course making sure not to destroy gameplay), or a more interesting sun angle.

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On 7/14/2020 at 11:41 AM, FMPONE said:

I hate when I wake up and see a blue sky. It’s like, hello dumbass sky, can’t you think of another color to be today? 

Perhaps you should consider moving somewhere else. At least on the places I've lived (and visited), the sky has an almost infinite range of colors :)

Inspirivision: Pictures that Inspire Awe

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I think your criticism is spot on.

In terms of why we see this lighting pattern, I chalk it up to designing custom skyboxes in Source is kind of brutal. I can sympathize with just saying it “fuck it, it’s blue.” And if you do mix it up, I would say don’t take it too far... keep in mind most people will complain and wish it was just a better lit level if not on the basis of visibility, then on the basis of mood/psychology. 

I could go on a long rant about how Source 2 opens a lot of doors here, but I’ll spare everyone.

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@Lizard had an amazing sky and time of day for his last map chlorine that had to be instantly removed on inclusion to the game because players couldn't deal with it. The communities perspective on what 'is and isn't allowed' kinda informs everything else from layout down. Artists are willing to be innovative but the community is less likely to accept.

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1 hour ago, Vaya said:

@Lizard had an amazing sky and time of day for his last map chlorine that had to be instantly removed on inclusion to the game because players couldn't deal with it. The communities perspective on what 'is and isn't allowed' kinda informs everything else from layout down. Artists are willing to be innovative but the community is less likely to accept.

Exactly this. I learned this hard way sadly ... Eyes will get tired very quick in light settings like chlorine had initially. This will lead to increased irritation in players and they won't play the map that often. 

But I still think that there is a lot space  to experiment with  lighting. Sun angle and brightness for example. And of course color but in limited range.



Also sky was made by one and only @Radu :D 


Edited by Lizard
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