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Source Engine Optimization roadmap


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  • 4 weeks later...
21 hours ago, JSadones said:

Just an FYI : The mediafire link doesn't work anymore and the Bananalink is 404 (for Man vs engine).

Thanks for the heads up.

I checked it out and it seems that Gamebanana has recently drastically changed/messed up the markup language used as well as the layout and general formatting of the site. This has royally screwed up my articles and tutorials formatting as well as changed the hyperlinks in them.

Instead of nicely formatted articles, they are now one giant unbroken wall of text, and useless new tags have been automatically added to the links :mad: (files and some images) altering them and leading to the 404 page you experienced.

I'll get to correcting these issues as soon as possible (bear in mind there are roughly 20 articles and 6 tutorials to go through)

In the meantime, you can access Man vs Engine through this direct link to mediafire


Thanks again for notifying me.


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The site owner at GB just rolled out an update that reverted the site to the old markdown language, and corrected the effects of the previous update; this has automatically fixed the formatting and missing links/images in all my articles and tutorials.

Everything should be running smoothly now; enjoy the read again :)

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2 hours ago, will2k said:

I have a couple of new optimization articles planned and outlined; one will be titled optimizing an open map in Source engine (started it back in June then shelved it because...real life :))

Now I just have to make a little time for them, stay tuned.

Could be really useful for people in our new contest :-)

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14 hours ago, blackdog said:

Is there more that can be written? :v

yes :v

2 hours ago, grapen said:

For sure, there's so much that's still undocumented. I had to ask @will2k about some stuff in a private convo recently, because Google came up empty :)

anytime :)

For anyone who wants to ask specific questions about optimization or have good ideas for future optimization articles, feel free to post in this thread

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