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"Modern Warfare 3" ??

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I'm still mighty curious as to how this Frankenstein COD will turn out. Points out how ridiculous their business model is when they're taking absolutely every dev they can muster and putting them on it to get it ready for the annual edition. I get a similar vibe from the latest Assassin's Creed where they're also having like 3 additional studios work on it apart from Ubisoft Montreal. Outsourcing and co-developing the multiplayer part at another studio is one thing, but this just feels like they're pushing it to the absolute limit. Makes me wonder how the next iteration will be handled.

I do hope it turns out well since I'm still enjoying the COD games at some capacity anyway, even if I feel like a tool while playing them, but I wouldn't exactly say that this screams of being a healthy project.

Regarding the leak then it interesting that this will also feature New York and Paris locations, like BF3 :)

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Why they do a Modern war...a call of duty again ? :(

I'm tired of this shit again and again...

No offense for the developpers, I blame Activi$ion.

3 reasons

- Shit ton of income

- They havent finished the MW story

- Why change what isn't broken

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Hi Composite! I have faith in ye for some olde tyme MP map goodness. ;)

But anyway, as much as IW has been through the past 18 months and the amount of grief Activision gets, I'm pretty sure I'll still play MW3 unless it looks absolutely crap at E3 or something. But I just don't see that happening. I have to admit that I'm excited for an IW treatment of urban combat in modern NYC, London, Paris etc. Yes it's not the same IW as before and a lot of the former leads left for Respawn, but there are many talented people at IW so I'm not going to count them out without seeing what they produce. If MW3 looks at all good I'll still get it and enjoy it....and even if BF3 rocks i'm still going to play MW3. Somehow I ended up enjoying Homefront for all its serious, serious faults. How could I not be interested in MW3 then?


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