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Gamasutra - Nine Paths To Indie Game Greatness


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I agree, it was an interesting read; very well written article. Our lead programmer actually emailed it around to everyone this morning and I was all "hey, that's by David Marsh!" :) It isn't all that often people bother emailing links to gamasutra articles around the office, so congratulations!

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this is my favorite bit of feedback from the article so far:

so yeah, this guy david marsh is such an expert on creating indie games that he has an endless parade of hits. lets count them all, shall we. oh wait THERE ARE NONE!!! hey jackass, instead of telling others "how to be indie" try making your own game and have it be a massive hit!

and let us not forget david's infinate wisdom: "Avoiding Photorealistic Art Direction" gee, tell that to pixel, the creator of cave story, which is the most successful indie game in recent memory. see, he makes games that he wants to see, he doesn't listen to posers like you. go play some american piece of trash and let creators create whatever they want!!

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