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TF2: CP Map (but not named yet)

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You're right - it still is empty. There's missing a bunch of detail stuff.

For example the wood structures on RED's side should get some trims and some more irregularity...

I'm happy you like it so far :)

Still working on that detail thing and I'll keep you up to date!

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Hey guys,

here's a new version of cp_fragrun. I had to do some minor changes - the main architecture has not changed at all.


- changed interiors and lights of spawnrooms

- red's cave entrance edited to fit the setting

- some displacement work

- fixed lighting issues of some models

- new 3d-sky

- added details

here are some new pictures:





So replace your old version of this map with the new one:


Is there anyone who is admin of a TF2 server? I'd like to test the map with some more guys playing - so it would be great if someone of you could give it a try. And don't forget to tell me about the ip ;)


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after a long time of.. erm.. doing kind of nothing, I went on bringing the map to a release. It still is not finished, but I've changed some parts.. In the current state, playtests are very important (perhaps it's already a bit too late for them..).

For everyone who likes to download the newest version: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fragrun (sorry for not renaming.. please replace the old version)

Those of you, who would like to take part in upcoming playtests - feel free to join the group. I will announce the next playtests using the event-function of steam's group management. I'm still searching for test servers.. just btw ;)

I hope to see some of you on the map soon,


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Not bad at all. Custom textures would be bonus, but then again, I've not seen enough TF2 original textures to make em' cause nausea. Yet.

Only thing that bugs me atm is the half-circle CP; handrails are so much smoother than the concrete part that it looks bad. Shouldnt kill the performance of the map to round the concrete up a bit more.

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