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TF2: CP Map (but not named yet)


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Hey there,

the last few months, I've been working on some kind of remake of a TFC map called "flagrun".

So basically, only the major layout is the same.. as the old TFC maps are nothing more than a lot of blocks.

Perhaps someone will recognize some structures, but the architecture and details all around have changed, though. I know that there are missing some details, the upper parts of the rocks and the 3D-Sky, but that's why it's still work in progress.

This map has 3 control points and 2 spawn rooms for each team (no association of spawn rooms to capture points). No custom content 'til now.

Take a look..

The two base points (former capture areas for the 5 flags):



Some parts of BLU's area:




..and some of RED's:




and - of course - the central control point:


Well, please let me have some comments and critic.. just tell me everything :)

For those of you, who want to take a run inside: You can download a beta version here. But note, that it is still work in progress (as the name is).


Perhaps, you can meet some guys playing it at: spezi-clan.de:27075 - but don't expect too many players :D

If someone has an idea for a name, please tell me ;)



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I am not at the spezi clan, but I know the two guys for some time now ;)

(You're asking because you have a HLPortal.de link in your signature yourself, right?)

What would you propose to do with that rounded stuff - simple 90-degrees-corners look too bad.. perhaps I could add in some more angular architecture. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

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Flaaaagrun! :D

Your certainly doing it justice, keep up the good work ;)

The ground/floor in the final cp rooms looks a bit odd at that distance. Blue one looks like you haven't put any time on it in though, so I guess that's just the nature of a wip.

I hope your fiddling around with entities so you can make a version with the same gameplay as the original..maybe you'll make an FF version that follows the original gameplay if it's not possible in TF2? <_<

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Hey, thanks a lot!

In the last few days, I did some changes:

- changed lighting, shadowing, a little fog

- added 3d-skybox

- fixed some small clipping problems

- fixed doors and cubemaps

take a look at the overview:


The referenced shots follow up:

(Some of them are similar to the pictures above, so I'll just link them)








Well.. and for now, I chose the name "fragrun" - because the original map by valve was called "flagrun", but there is no flag in my version :D

(Still searching for the perfect name..)

Even the download has changed: http://jean.cocktail-db.net/tf2/cp_fragrun.bsp.bz2

Cheers, Jean

Edit: Deathy == DrDeath? :) Hey!

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