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Looking to collaborate with a programmer


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Hi, I'm currently mapping for the hl2 mod Fortress Forever. I've been wanting to do a Smash TV mod for hl2 for a long time but never got the chance to get in touch with a coder so I had renounced until yesterday when I got a conversation going with someone in the ffbeta irc chan... So here I am again, trying to get a coder to jump on this idea with me. I'll let you read yesterday's log, I think it's pretty informative and that's all I got so far:

I wanna make a Smash TV mod for hl2

I'm in.

coop play, 8ppl

top down view

lots of simple monster models

God yeah.

I'm so in.

I'm so in it's ridiculous.

lol ok stop making fun of me now

I'm not, dude

i am, secretly

I'd love a Smash TV mod.

That game ruled.



Rack up some ridiculous cash gettin' cheered on by hot girls while you murder dudes en masse.

What's not to like?

I can make textures and maps lol...

Oh those would be easy.

the whole mod would be easy.

seriously tho it would be awesome, Ive been thinking about it alot

It'd be pretty easy to make I think.

it would just be pure fun madness

yeah its not too complicated too

Just get some maps that accomodate top-down play, modify some stock HL2 weapons.


Make some simple player models.

And write some good AI.

Ai doesnt even need to be good lol

just follow players

HL2 bots would prolly work.

need very simple monster models so that it doesnt lag too much with many on screen

Right, right.

They're top-down anyway and hyper zoomed-out so who cares?

but yeah... imagine 8 ppl coop killing monsters and stuff


You'd only need hi-poly shit for the announcer segments.

Explaining the awesome prize you just won.


With hot bikini girls.

I'd LOOOVE to map for that


Fuckin' do it.

Make the map and move the default camera in the SDK.

How hard could it be?

i cant code for shit or the mod would already exist man


I wonder if we can get a hold of anyone.

Who can codezor.

It's easy, seriously.

good luck

Would the camera be stuck in the center of the room or would it hover over the player?

I was thinking stuck

that way everyone sees the same thing

of the arena

might be easier to code the camera to hover over the player tho


Less concern over perspective as well.

as long as the arena doesnt extend too far out of the player view when you stand in corner

you know what i mean


you got me all excited again... not cool. lol


coop is the future of online play too

Oh sure.

But DM would be fun, too.

dm what

player vs player lol


Imagine it. Eight players duking it out against each other, while also making sure they don't get taken down by waves of monsters.


Ah man.

yeah, lets of variations can be made without too much coding


there could be a mode "protect the chick"

where a chick walks in the arena

and you have to kill monsters before they get her

Wasn't that also in the original?


I can see it now.

i only played Super Smash TV


then the dude just, like

turns and shoots the girl in the head

Announcer: "COOOOOOLD BLOODED! $5,000 BONUS!"


I'm sure we can bribe aftershock or mulchman to work for us

Doubt it.

Mulchie's hard enough to get working on FF.

And Aftershok is a busy bitch.

lol i know i was kidding

Oh okay.

they have enough with ff

but yeah

if we could just get 1 coder interested

to start slowly

im up for mapping that shit for sure

So yeah... First thing to do would be to change the camera view to bird eye view like hovering over the players. Then we can build up from there slowly... As soon as I get a coder on this, I'm gonna start mapping for it. If you wanna see my work, download Fortress Forever 2.0 and create a server on map ff_dropdown. http://www.fortress-forever.com for more info.

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Your design document is an IRC log.

This irc log is not a design document.

There is no design document because I'm not pretending to be the guy who's gonna manage the team and give orders. I'm just a mapper with an idea trying to find a programmer to collaborate with me and work as a team to get a project started.

I figured if I ever find a programmer, then we'll have plenty of time to elaborate a design document togheter. The key word here is togheter. Of crouse if there's a programmer out there who's interested in programming but doesn't wanna have anyting to do with the mod design, I'll make it work too.

Also, if there's a modeler or graphic artist out there interested in joining me in this quest to find a programmer, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Do you work for Black Mesa by any chance? Some of the other devs on the dev forum were on about making a Smash TV mod. If you're not on the team, then I'll let them know about this project!

No I'm not on the Black Mesa team... would be really cool if you could let them know about this/me! Thanks!

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Dude that sounds so awesome, best of luck to ya :D

If you wanna see my work, download Fortress Forever 2.0 and create a server on map ff_dropdown. http://www.fortress-forever.com for more info.

sorry but thats a long shot. why dont you post some thumbs of what youve done instead of taking 15 mintutes of our time to convince us of your skills? :)

Why don't you already have Fortress Forever and know what dropdown is like!

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