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Let's clear this up shall we... (nws)


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http://www.female-anatomy-for-artist.co ... abbott.jpg NWS


doesnt look like 18+ to me

those are obviously man-made models...?


those are plastic models

not real people

how can you tell?

even if that was the case, the reference material had to come off something

dude, they're obviously plastic or wax models..

it's not hard to draw a little girl using older resource material

what makes it so obvious?


no, really

i dont see it

If you think those are actually children, I'd suggest getting your eyes checked ;)

nor have i seen one argument from you that they are actual models

they are obviously models! look at the way the light shines on them, look at the messed up face on the indian girl, the way the material on the butterfly girl couldn't possibly be real because it's made from some sort of man-made material..


yeah actually the shader thing on the tiger whatever looks like blitz from a camera, and the body could be oily

so no, it's not obvious

Seriously, have your eyes checked

shut up

there's nothing wrong with my eyes

http://www.female-anatomy-for-artist.co ... abbott.jpg

Do those look like real children to anyone? I mean.. really?

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To my eyes they're very clearly small models. If you look at the non-person part they just have a 'this is a small scale' look to them. The characters themselves also look model-like, in particular the eyes of the one on the left (that kind of reflection simply doesn't happen on real human eyes). The hair of the character on the left also looks like model hair (ie: fibre material).

The most telling part (excluding the girls themselves) is the ground on the left model. It has a texture that looks like it's a table surface of some kind.

If I had to guess, I'd say both are no bigger than a human hand.

Sorry Sentura. :oops:

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ok so lets get this straight

- they are clearly little plastic figurines, lighting, shadow, shading, little stand EVERYTHING says so:

D3ads 1 Sentura 0

- they are not humans so why does age matter for all we know tiger-butterfly-peopel have a life-expectancy of 8 month and this ons is like maybe 3 month ... who knows / who cares ?

D3ads 2 Sentura 0

- someone posed for these who was clearly underaged =!?= i have done quite alot of risque artwork and i never had a girl pose for me ... and neither did an underage girl pose for that nerd who made those models. ... none EVER !

D3ads 3 Sentura 0

- i have watched quite alot of anime in my life ... by japanese standards those girls are 30 + :D

D3ads 4 Sentura 0

- i don't see no nipples and/or vagina so this is ok even by american standards

D3ads 5 Sentura 0

i love you anyway sen :)

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