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Some of Work - Feel Free To Comment/Crit :D


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Hey everyone! Ive been browsing Mapcore awhile now but havent found the time to post, anyhow i registered and figured i should post up some of my work. Ive been working with Photoshop for about 5 (mostly through school and only later did i start to create game art with it) and have been becoming increasingly enthusastic about game devolpment over the past three years or so. Anyhow, i began texturing on and off about 2.5 years ago but within the past year i have grown alot. Most of that growth is through the help of a number of forum members here and others from vairous game communities who have been nice enough to give me some pointers and/or let me run my work through them. Anyhow, below are some examples of what i have been working on lately. These are simply base textures and i have yet to add any details (windows, molding, doors, etc.) b/c im struggling a bit with lighting and hand painting in those dtails. Any suggestions and or tips in that department would be of great help to me. Please feel free to tear the textures apart and give any comments...im always open to improvement! I apreciate your time and look foward to everyone's response!

- Mak




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Hey everyone, thanks for the replys and welcoming me to the boards!

Below is a concrete floor texture i whipped up:


This next one is one of my futile attempts to add details, in this case windows and some molding/trim, to one of my textures. As i said earlier, this sort of stuff is my weak point at the moment so any comments or suggestions would be great. Thanks :)


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yeah what evert said, also the highlights on the top right look off. Make em about 1 pixel wide and it would feel a tad better. the lighting on the base texture seems to be coming from another direction too. just mirror it ;)

the bottom i would make darker and give it a different color (maybe gray?). Also make some shadows all below so it'll merge better with the ground

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