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Unfinished business


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Hi, it's me. I'd been planning on my big comeback-map for about a year and did some concept work in hl1 - however, I'm leaving for UK/USA in about a month and won't be able to do any gaming/mapping there

So..instead of just letting this stuff sit on my HD for the next few years I'm stuffing it online for anyone to play with. Included are some tryout textures for my heat-based map, a heat example .rmf, my old ripol textures + tryout map based on those. Also included are a pile of screenshots taken from the heat movie and the real-life ripol village.

Not much, but might be a fun package for someone who needs a few mapping ideas :)

hf, gl to you lovely mapcore ppl and byebye!



rmf: http://sj.gamepoint.net/mapcore/hl1example.jpg

tex: http://sj.gamepoint.net/mapcore/hl1exampletextures.jpg


inagem: http://sj.gamepoint.net/old_root/1on1.html

tex: http://sj.gamepoint.net/mapcore/mb_ripol.jpg



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