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Christmas Presents


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  • [*:2clmeasn] two white shirts (i requested those)
    [*:2clmeasn] a decoration lamp (i always looked at it in IKEA and thought "that's too damn expensive. gotta save the money for car repair jobs")
    [*:2clmeasn] a special computer power strip
    [*:2clmeasn] a book about the history of the Mini (1959 - 2000)
    [*:2clmeasn] a protective suit for my MacBook Pro (i requested it from my aunt)
    [*:2clmeasn] money for my car repair jobs or what ever is related to my car :)

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Die Hard 4

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Super Mario Galaxy

Metroid Prime 3

New wallet.

Most surprisingly and randomly, my boss gave me a days wage and a £20 note with 3 bottles of ale, virtually £80. Something must be afoot in business land.

21st birthday in under 2 weeks and I can't think of a single thing I want. I think my gf's parents have got me one of those Rally Car driving days, or perhaps the Aston/Ferrari/Porsche/Lamborghini Day one. Its something along those lines though. Looks like its one of those "just give me cash" birthdays.

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Not much this year, mainly because I couldn't think of anything I wanted other than PC stuff (which always annoys my mother -- she likes to buy me stuff that I can unwrap :P).

* Flight of the Conchords DVD (win)

* Couple of t-shirts

* Usual odds & sods like chocolate, socks, deodorant, razors etc.

* Some money towards a monitor (probably £50 or so)

Something must be afoot in business land.

Don't worry GL, someone will even it out by punching you in the balls :D

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Couple shirts, framed version of the Star Wars 30th Anniversary stamp sheet, The Office (US) seasons 1 and.... 3 (thanks mom...... :P ), extra wiimote + nunchuk and the nyko wiimote charging station thing... then enough in best buy and amazon cards to fund at least 5 games (nabbed COD4, Crysis, and Gears PC from amazon - leaning towards UT3 and maybe Ace Combat 6 + a tv show on DVD or something from BB). Couple more things on the way, I'm going to guess a bit more in the gift card category but we'll see.

Edit: oh, I also got my wife Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga but that's kinda cheating since I play it too.

And my 5 free HD-DVDs showed up on Christmas Eve. Well timed.

Also, let it be said that Texas is broken. I mostly liked it up until it was 60 degrees outside while I was calling my parents and grandparents and I felt like I was playing some weird joke on them in the middle of September.

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