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beginners texturing help


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any tutorials would be very very helpful, although this maybe asking to much, but what about a video tutorial, I dont think I will ever be able to understand how blazeer can create his textures all from scratch.

also I would love just to see an example psd file, just to see how you edit things (I would understand if noone wants to post there source files).

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I think this is a good idea for a topic, was hopeing actually mikezilla would have started it. Maybe every once in a while post steps to creating a simplistic texture. Something that we could use to advance ourselves further on our own, using the basic steps given.

I like doing texture art, but I doubt I do it via professional methods. That's why I rather not say how I do them <-- very insecure.

- Ewok

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/me kills mikezilla

Well, not sure. I think there is some truth in what Duffy says. I think I would do well if I knew the right steps, but that's because i've been envolved in art a lot of my life. Maybe that's not true for everyone.

C'mon mike, are you to chicken to put up tuts!?

By the way did the reverse psychology work?

- Ewok

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