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Fistful of Frags released!


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if you're not gonna bother about players or gameplay, why make the mod in the first place? if you're going to announce a mod for people to play only to ruin their experience, you might as well just have kept it to yourself. for now, you've convinced me to give up your mod; i can't be bothered discussing this anymore.

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if you're not gonna bother about players or gameplay

It's interesting how do you jump to such conclusions... The fact is your logic abandoned this thread a few messages ago. If you stopped playing because there was a minor issue in a spawn... it was all said.

I find really odd that some players seem to think their word is pretty much pure wisdom that devs have to use if they want to improve the game, like there wasn't just other options. I'm sure that people asked Insurgency devs to add crosshairs like a million times (this is just an example). And I'm sure those persons had their reasons to ask, but Insurgency is was designed for other purposes.

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Sentura, it sounds like this jumping restriction is really frustrating you, but maybe you are overreacting a little? You got an opinion about it, R_Yell got a different one, you can discuss the matter but eventually you won't come to an agreement and since R_Yell is the designer of the MOD, he will have the last word. I think designers should always listen to the players feedback and no matter if R_Yell is right or not - I don't think he ignored your feedback or put it down in an arrogant manner, so why get personal?

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killertomato i am asking you kindly to be quiet instead of insulting people and not adding anything constructive. your post was uncalled for.

also it seems like i am being misunderstood here, what i said was that i couldn't be bothered playing a game because it's too frustrating. the reason i said the things about the jumping thing is that it feels awkward and out of place. you've had several people asking you the same thing, so it's not just me; yet you continue to just pin it on me or insult me? sorry, but i cannot be bothered with discussing anything with a person that acts like that. let me be clear again that i quit playing that mod because i dislike the jumping thing as it is now, not because of this discussion as you may think. i've had my say, however, so i can only hope for you to change it in a future version.

perhaps i am of a different opinion than r_yell when i say that i play games for entertainment, not for innovation or realism. perhaps i may just have downloaded and played the wrong mod for me, however much i like the western theme.

i am not going to continue this discussion so please do not respond to this post. thank you.

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Well, I wish all we took this discussion in a more mature attitude. Probably I wasn't very receptive to Sentura's suggestions (or simply didn' took the time to explain him why I was doing that) and that made him more critical over me, I'm sorry for that. I enjoy talking here about gameplay because everybody has a designer perspective, and I appreciate that. I also don't feel my opinion is better than the rest, but I know this game better than anybody and if I'm able to explain myself probably all would be more clearer.

FoF was designed with some RPG ideas in mind, that why exists notoriety and equipment selection. Player has limitations to overcome. Jump was supposed to be one, because there exist a stamina upgrade which let you increase that "ability". However the initial beta was very permissive in that aspect. Jump takes much more stamina after beta 1.1, so there are a lot of chances of having not enough stamina to jump depending how do you use it. That's another part of the game, as having no ammo or having to reload a weapon. Well, that's the general idea, but there exist certain issues with spawn areas, such limitations never should exist in spawn areas because that's annoying in a game where you respawn a lot of times, and it will be fixed of course.

I also think my idea about the jump could work without taking so much stamina, however the initial value was clearly insufficient for my purposes. It could be revised.

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