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Fistful of Frags released!


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I've been working in this project since long time, and the day to get out of the cave finally came :) The sole fact of releasing so much work from so many people is really exciting. BTW, I'd like to express my gratitude to some mapcoreans who contributed with nice assets: Wesley, Hessi and Freak (is making a nice map), you are also a part of FoF ;)

Mapcore also was the first place where I showed my maps, the five ones which composes this first release.

All of you are invited to play, please feel free to let me know whatever thing you don't like. I'm sure this first release can be improved a lot, however right now is also very fun to play and with almost no bugs, at least not outstanding ones hehe.


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I'm glad you liked it killertomato :) Thanks for the suggestions. The internal testing stage was good to fix many bugs, however the real gameplay testing starts now.

BTW, hope there will some dedicated servers up soon. This game deserves something better than home brew servers. Our one had some issues, seems 16 players were too many for it.

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Thank you :) It seems many people enjoyed the first release, no one had high expectations, probably no expectations at all :D So they found a little game with much more fun than they expected.

Now I want to polish gameplay with some adjustments, fix some stuff, and then go back to create new maps, game modes, weapons, etc.

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i played the game a couple of hours. overall i would call it decent.

there is one big general flaw: it's too slow.

punching someone with the fists takes forever. it's so damn slow. even if you want to make a left - right combo you have to pull your arms back completely to be able to hit em with the other fist. that doesn't make sense. to make things even worse punching costs a lot of stamina. in my eyes punching shouldn't cost stamina since punching maybe costs "arm stamina" and running is "foot stamina".

the weapons are really slow. if i were a wild west redneck cowboy i'd reload a weapon much faster. you should speed up everything with like 50%

another thing that annoys me is the time bar that counts down when you captured money. if the bar has nearly been through and you capture another piece of money you have to start all over again. that doesn't make sense. another thing that pisses me off is that you can open boxes even when you dont look at them. to make it worse: you can even shoot while opening it! players should be either opening or fighting. not both at the same time.

this is just a few things that i would definitely change.

still i think it is a decent mod and i actually felt like i have to play it again some time. :) btw the sharps rifle is awesome :D

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Thanks for the comments Hessi, however I have to disagree.

The weapons may look slow but the pace of the game is really high most of the times. Why? Players can equip as many weapons as they want with their notoriety.

Sure, I can make every weapon to reload and fire as fast as possible, but that would trash the entire gameplay. An important part of the game is selecting weapons and skills, so when a player is in a hurry it can use an alternative weapon to fight. Those alternatives make the gameplay rich and variate. That would be lost with the higher speed you suggest. Well, at least that's my point of view (and it isn't that slow :P).

Regarding fists, they aren't supposed to be a powerful weapon in first place. However I accept the suggestion of making them faster removing the time needed to wait before an animation ends. I'm not sure at all how will work that in the technical side, I guess the animation blending should work well but never tried. The stamina based fists fighting was needed to make them more interesting. The important part isn't when you use your stamina to hit other people, it's when you are punched, then your stamina lowers so you can't run or counter punch. Add to that the option to increase stamina.

another thing that annoys me is the time bar that counts down when you captured money

That's an important part of the game mode. Hunting down money carriers is pretty fun, making the time needed to retrieve money shorter is out of question for me.

you can open boxes even when you dont look at them

That might look silly but there is a reason. If you can't shoot in that situation then you would stop when an enemy is on sight. Result: no options. Instead that, you could try to defend yourself while opening the crate, or just stop and run away. Result: 2 options. Again is pretty funny when someone is in that situation and tries to open and shoot at the same time, most times dying in the attempt :D

Well Hessi, I don't know what's your background in game design, but your suggestions tend to make the game simpler, and that's not good most of the times because there is nothing casual in FoF.

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one thing that really nagged me is how powerful melee weapons are when thrown. once you have alot of notoriety you can just keep buying into axes and knives and insta-kill almost everyone who comes close. i'd put a limit on the amount of melee weapon one can carry (no cowboy would be able to carry 10+ axes).

i also partly agree one the reload time with hessi, rifles need less reload time as do single six shooters, but double sixguns seems like a good reload pace. keep in mind that the rifles they used in the wild west actually had semi automatic fire already, since that was a leftover from the civil war.

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