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Excellent work. :cool: Just need to swap the side the white border is on now. :-D

This colour scheme looks even better on my high-quality 24-inch monitor at home. The colours are so subtle I think cheaper LCD monitors struggle to make everything look distinct; on this monitor everything, including the posts, is quite clearly a different colour. At work it was a bit harder to tell.

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":jujv85cu]It's still a bit buggy tough... :( What's hapening, looks like it's some kind of bugs with the tables or something! :|


well its really easy to customize this, its all through the Admin Panel, so I am doing it while things cook at work :cthulhu:

plz read k thnx :(

I am working on it with the little down time I have at (instead of reading shacknews) when I cook new Xbox builds or rebuild my map. So if something breaks it will be fixed the next time you look at it since I mess with something, check if its broken then change it back if its not working right :banjo:

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