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Updated: any issues or problems, please let me know.

Well pHpBB3.0 finally came out and we felt it was time to update. We were running a vastly older and much more vulnerable version of phpBB and wanted to run a more secure and better version of phpBB. Yeah things are going to look different since we pretty much had to do a clean install still convert the old forums (structure, users, posts, etc) so we wouldn't have to start completely over. I wanted this to be an almost painless transition, and so far it seems like it is, and I wanted to get the forums back up as quickly as possible.

Known issues:

User Info on Right - Default phpbb 3.0 style. I am looking into how to fix it but I think it is a style issue and not a forum feature.

No FrontPage - This might not be up to to its functional ways for some time since it was using a php mod that would grab info from the forums and post it on the front page. I will look into trying to get this back up.

it confuses me, avatars on the right? that's like changing the toolbar to the right in Photoshop... handicaps the software (or just me)

Yes definitely ! Bring us back the old layout ! Please !

This is the default layout given with 3.0. I would try to update to make it friendlier but since it was 2am last night when I called it quits and I had to be to work in the morning. Also I wanted to have some life this weekend. :P

Is there anything more planned for Mapcore apart from the forum upgrade we are all looking at?

Nope, this is it. NOTHING FURTHER EVAR!!11

btw why is everyone a featured artist now?

It was a bug with how Featured Artist was handed out. It used to be given out to people in a certain group, but due to the conversion it was being given out to everyone not in a group already. I think I fixed that now.

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I know you worked long and hard and long on it, but... it doesn't look good. I miss the old mapcore look.

Edit: YUSSS, I'm finally a featured artist!

This just the phpBB 3 default theme... Mojo didn't really get much choice in the matter of it looking like this. I guess he could have spent ages making a new one before reopening, but in the meantime you'd have no forums. :cool:

I'm really not sure about the names and stuff being on the right, though. I've already got them being on the left (most forums) and on the top (vBulletin 3). This is just getting out of control. :oops: If there's an option to have it on the left I'd suggest trying that for a few days and seeing how it goes.

Apart from that it looks and works much better, though. It certainly looks better than the old skin so everyone wanting that back needs to :stfu:. :cool:

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I've worked out that the reason I find it so jarring with the names on the right is because I normally look at the avatar before the post, which is how I identify most people; without the avatars being on the left the first thing I automatically look at is the post so I have to go across to check out the avatar and then come back again. :-D

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