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ctf_quarry [release]


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Wow, thanks for the spotlight guys!

Well I love it all, but I have one BIG complaint.

The carts that drive on the tracks and are an instant kill are annoying as FUCK. And pretty much filters out everyone going that way except scouts, I would say fix this.

Well, what I've found from playing on public servers is the following: The top route/main route are used much more than the lower route. There is a reason for this; it's so lethal down there.

I'm going to try and increase awareness of the mine carts somehow, maybe just increase the volume of them if possible.

You are not meant to run out of the base, it's supposed to be difficult. You are meant to use it to run in to the bases; all classes can make it through in one run. (I think!)

Plus I think it's nice to have variety in a map. You can risk your life down in the mine or you can risk your life against the hordes of the opposite team camping the top bit! :P

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Same as before, great map! Gfx and gameplay-wise. ;)

I died like 3 times at that mine but it was a good way to get into the enemy base. Engineer was imba sometimes until a spy killed the turret in the intelligence hall.

btw: quarry is now running 24/7 on our clanserver (mapvoting enabled, if someone gets tired of that map :P):

http://www.game-monitor.com/GameServer/ ... _Maps.html

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Nice work Pogo, textbook use of stock content. Will definately take it for a spin.

I get the impression you may release additional versions of this map. May I suggest that in the future you use some sort of naming convention to ensure everyone has the same map version. I'm confident a single beta release on mapcore would be all that is necessary to pick up any bugs or refinements that may have sliped through the cracks. It's good to have a final release with your intended name without crappy extensions.

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