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I have a different suggestion altogether... I have the Altec Lansing 621's... they're not THX... but they're realllly good speakers. I did alot of research before I took the plunge on speakers, and I haven't been disappointed. Just as much power as a 2.1 Klipsch set (200 watts), but it's something different. I personally think they sound better despite the lack of THX moniker that you pay for. There is a 4.1 (5.1 too?) set by a different moniker as well. Not sure of the exact model number. At the time I was also considering a Midiland 8200 set. All I can say really is to do some research. There are lots of reviews, don't just buy Klipsch or whoever's just cause everyone's like... "OMFG SO 133+!" There are some really nice computer speakers out there that aren't discussed much in gaming communities and lots of sites review them. So read up! :)

EDIT: On checking they don't make the 621's anymore. Too bad too. They are however still availible from certain places. They're really nice speakers. If you don't believe me there are many many reviews online that agree with me.


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