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I got it yesterday, and unpacked it yesterday, just havent gotten the pics from the camera yet.

Its really freaking fast, Doom 3 in 1280x1024, Ultra detail, 4x aa and it runs freaking smooth :D

/me purrrrrrs

also, i get 11330 3dmarks in 3dmark03, where i got around 1000 on my old :)

And it looks freaking amazing, even though its fucking huge D:

Anyway, more when i get home!

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around €4200

its an athlon fx-53, x800 xt pe, 2gb dual chan ram, 320gb raid hds (gonna add another 160gb i have), 1 dvd rw burner n 1 regular dvd drive, n all that other shit

there also a SHITLOAD of extra stuff with it, for example a really cool usb drive keyring with 256mb, really neat if i need to get some stuff to work :D. Also the entire feel of the computer is just so cool, everything is top quality. From the manuals to the actual computer, I cant really find anything to nag about (other than the fact that it is fucking HUGE!)

Anyway, fliffleflack

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