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Anyone see this Pentagon conspircay flash movie?


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Maybe this is EOT material, so if an admin deems it should be moved, then please move. I'm sure this will bring up all the conspiracy theories...but I've never seen this before. Anyway, the design of this thing is pretty good for a basic flash movie. Uses the Fight Club music which I thought was a good fit. As for accuracy of the theory, I'm interested in what people think.


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Ive seen something similar..

im interested into why they never released the other videos - everyone has seen the planes fly into the towers, why not the pentagon?

and if it was an attack - who issued it, and why? did bush plan 9/11 with bin ladin - has had him hidden away somewhere, safe from the troops - just so he could declare his war on terror and move onto saddam..his ultimate goal?

is the "war on terror" going to continue? are other terrorist harbouring countrys going to be dealt with? not likely :|

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i dont know about what madcow said.. but i have said this since allmost day one.. after reviewing the damage.. and no evidence of a plane or clear surveillance video... i find it highly unlikely that a plane hit that building.. wanna see a good high res pic?

warning its 2.21 MB (2,322,787 bytes) 3000x1955

click on the image below


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why wouldnt it be a plane?

A plane did go missing, as well as all the ppl on it. Or did they go to the bermuda triangle?

Ppl on the interstate in front of the pentagon witnessed a plane flying into the pentagon. The impact area is about the same size of that on the WTC.

I think ppl r trying to use common sense on things they know nothing about. The worst thing u can do is use common sense here instead of discovering how things really work.

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like why fake blowing up the pentagon when 2 planes (yea were sure they were planes) hit the world trade center

hate to have such a weak argument but....?

plus we dont know how the building was built....its the pentagon.....im sure they built it with the same steel inside wolverenes bones



and dont tell me 5 fbi guys went outside before the "f16" hit the pentagon and knocked over that pole

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