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For a while now I've been *trying* to model with 3D Studio (about 2-3 years). I recently opened it up again and started playing around, went to the basic tutorials as I usually would and tried to put something together. I would usually get impatient because I couldn't make anything thing even look like....anything. I spent about 5-7 hours working time on this (just because I had next to no clue as to what I was doing). I know it's a bit messy right now and I still have to finish off the neck, head/hair, and some other fine tuning. I would appreciate all of your criticism.




I used front and side reference photos of my face and started with the nose. I worked around the rest of my face in the major areas poly by poly, which is very time consuming. I still have to do the ears, so add about another 3 hours to the productive time :shock: . Again, be hard on me...I need it.

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Fairly excessive on the polies, isn't it?

You need to work on the cheeks and jaw more, it doesn't curve around naturally like a real face does. Try to find a willing volunteer to sit with you for a bit while you model, just so you can get it more naturalistic. Failing that find an Actionman doll or the like and study that - it's better in a way because you can actually take a marker and draw out the poly structure on the face before modelling, helps a lot (kudos to schmung for the brainwave).

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Thanks for the feedback so far. Fullauto, thanks for the idea with the action figure...I'll be trying that out a little later. Once I finish the entire head I'll most likely clean up all the extra polygons I have. Thanks again, I'll give an update on the progress sometime soon.

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