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Tabula Rasa


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From what I understand the game has officially been launched and is available for everyone to purchase now.

I watched the trailers and richard garriots closed beta walkthrough which is roughly 30 mins long in total, but that wasn't too exciting. Even if the game itself is great, imagine somebody playing WoW and somebody else talking about what you see on screen for half an hour...

I know Zyndrome has played the beta and now bought the game, anyone else here who has an opinion on it? What is it like? How does it compare to other MMOs? Worth buying?

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I still havn't found myself grinding the same mobs over and over in Tabula Rasa. The only time I have to engage in combat with the same mobs is cause they are near an objective or whatever I need to get to. Defending and assaulting outposts (controlled by a central Control Point) is nice and rewarding, giving you modification-schematics for weapons and the like (+crit, +resistance, steal armor\health, etc).

Currently there is no sort of "Auction House" in the game but there are placeholders, so it's coming. Maybe cause there is very little need for it right now, as you get most weapons and such of missions. Heck, you even get "epic quality" weapons and armor of lvl20~ quests. And you get a long way with them.

Throughout the game you collect so called Logos which are needed to activate powers, and you usually get missions from a certain NPC in each zone that points you to where they are located, so you don't have to search under every rock to find them.

As for instances in the game, the amount of NPCs to fight increase with every partymember. The more you are, the more there is to shoot at. The lootsystem is by default Greed (automatically rolls between 1-100 and the one with the highest number wins the item), but there is more of course, like class-based loot (i.e. Sappers get Mech Armor & Polarity drops, Commandos get Graviton Armor and Launcher drops, etc etc).

So far I'm enjoying it, but god damn ... what sadistic bastard made the Warnet mobs? Tiny small birds that shoot lightning from their beaks and rip you to shreds, and they take too much damage!

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