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Summer of level design finished.








Map by Grin

Textures by Kasikahma, xempest, Emotion

Models by Xenon

Skybox by [hau]tot

The final version of map. Yes, there are known bugs, like the waterfall push in wrong direction and floating trees, and that it's hard to climb up from the water puddle in the middle of the map. Sounds are supposed to be the way they are (not looping) also the lights are supposed to be the way they are, please don't whine and buy some NV equipment. Have fun, FestivÅl!

Terrorists are trying to blow up some ancient ruins near the river, CT's for some odd reason happen to have a bukkake fest nearby and...err something like that.

(press fire to continue)

Download http://koti.mbnet.fi/grin/cult.zip

I'm so happy it's finished.

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so you are not gonna fix the known bugs? :?


*not whining , just asking :-?

Well the models that are floating a bit have to be, cause the model center thingy that has to be visible is for some reason in the bottom of the model, so they have to float just a bit if they arent on a flat ground, and most of the time they arent.

Can't do much about the sticky corners thanks to -clip type smallest.

Waterfall pushes in the wrong direction, dunno why..

Water, well you can get up from there, and i dont like fooling around it anymore.

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I have now tested the final by my self and i find it rather good. (Still waiting to play it with other people.) Exspecially i liked the riverside area and the waterfall, if ignored the bug that it pushes you to the wrond direction.

But there was few things that i think will hurt the gameplay:

1. Sticky corners + few other places where you would get stuck until some one kills u or round ends.

2. The lake. You can't get out from there easy enough (or at all). It's because the walls in the lake are tilted too much, like this: / and this: \

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about the floating trees isnt it an option to change the center point of the trees so the trees can go down a bit?

nice map nonetheless

Not if u dont have milkshape :P

de_cult0005.jpg Here's the same image without nv, it's a bit dark with my graphics settings so i used nv to take that bit.

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What is the render speeds the engine develop?

Wpolies circle around 5-800 most of the time, but there are two choke points, both ends of the river. Biggest problem is in the cave end of the river, where wpolies hit ~1300 in the worst point, but the place is in good cover and it's dark, so it evens the situation a bit. So that is yes wery bad wpolies, but playable.

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