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yar... well, a couple of my ns buddies have been referring me to this forum the last couple days, so i might as well sign up too eh? anyway, here's a small DM map i made over the last two or three days. still waiting to get a few people to PT it before i finalize it.

.. it has no name. simply "dm_"





there are six spawn points, the revolver, cross bow, rpg, mp5 and some grenades, that.. one gun. you know "don't overcharge it!" "overcharge? waddayamean OVERcharge?!", a few snarks that are kinda hidden, and each spawn has 3 batteries and a shotgun.

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Looks really cool, although I don't know what direction you are looking when taking the pictures. That's a good thing though, atleast in a weird map like this. God I love DM maps, you have complete freedom in design, I should make more of them.

/me nods

yeah. i love to make dm maps. i had no idea what i was making when i started. just put some brushes down and made on of those things in the middle, then put housing around it. decided to make a dm map, and i'm rather pleased with the results. some people don't like the texturing.. oh well. i don't care that much. i did end up retexturing and saving under a different name though, and i like how that came out as well. not a major change, but enough to give it a slightly different feel when running about in-game. but i didn't change the floor texture, cuz i really like it, and i'm not changing it, so tough :evil:

Now, i'm not really sure what "take your lighting to the extreme" is supposed to mean... :? elaborate

here are some retextured pics anyway. thoughts? oh.. and if anyone has a server they'd like to host it on for a game or two i'd appreciate it, seeing as i can't host one myself.



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I liked it better before you retextued it. :\ It was more thematically consistent. And the lighting was more blah the second time round too. I really like the original though. It reminds me of Alice for some odd reason... probably the odd floor... which I really like btw. Definitely keep the checkered floor.


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Look man, you're allways using the red and white lighting method..

It's good but almost on all maps the same overdosed over and over and on everywall.. like on co_sift..It's beautiful, but not so nice when red and white light meet eachother over and over again.

nexus recommends : ORANGE + White + RED..And then you maybye gonna see that thats method is more fine, better and looks cool.

That's my idea..only. 8)

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