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small symetrical map that grew a little out of proportions (in detail speaking)

the idea behind this map:

its a secret underground military rocketbase positioned in some jungle somewhere in the future (jungle part not made yet) but it has been abandoned and the jungle top part is one big ruin. the underground part is still in a relative good condition but has been a place for graffiti artists and drug (ab)users.

just a thing about the texturing for this level me and bluepunk are working on them right now and its going to be concrete/metal and a lot of high tech stuff and some jungle thingies for the top part

when we finish some textures we will post them here for your comments so we can make this the best we can :-D




for more pictures of this map visit http://www.war-of-art.tk/


bluepunk once made a single floor quake1 map in wich i saw a lot of things i asked him if i could alter it and i dont need to say more i believe.

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