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Sign here for hl2 ep2 in spanish lenguage.


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Well if you look at the steam hardware survey you will see that only 0.69% of the steam users have Spanish has their language, so i don't see any reason why they should add it.

English 60.42%

German 12.27%

French 10.00%

Russian 4.22%

Portuguese 2.45%

It would make more sense to add Portuguese or Russian...

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You can still write your own translation and send it to valve. I know from Torsten Zabka that they are taking Community Made Translations if they are good enough and release them (maybe you get some goodies even).

I know you want to have a spanish translation and not make one but as barrakid said: They are looking at the numbers and how much they can sell there compared to the cost of a translation studio.

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Thats cause the survey in spanis dosnt work correctly, and the steam crash when you try to do it. do you really think there are more protuguese than spanish people at steam?? ...

Take a look at the terrain extension at map.


you forgot about this


which has roughly 4x the population of spain

actually spanish is spoken by more people than english and portuguese, but i doubt that would happen. there's such a strong bond between the characters and their dubbers in hl2...

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