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De_Forest Released!!


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Hello everyone, Im pleased to announce the release of De_Forest!

There's been alot of blood sweat and tears to get this into the state it is today, also figuring out how the hell to make a forest map work in the Source engine, but Im pretty proud of how it looks and plays now.

It should run well on most systems with a ati 9800 / nvidia 6xxx or above, not sure about below that as I havent been able to test on lower end systems.














now for some info:



Terrorists have been hiding out in the woods for months and are being hunted down for

information on spies within a number of high ranking organisations assisting

in plotting terror attacks.

As the terrorist team you must destroy all evidence of

such activities by planting bombs at either of the two sites which were being used

as the hideout.

As the CTs you must secure the hideouts and prevent the terrorists from

destorying the information.



If you get lost, find your way back to the river and look for landmarks which will point you in the right direction. There are also many signposts dotted around the forest to help you find your way to the bombsites.



Thanks to everyone who offered feedback and advice on this map, its been a big challenge and a hard journey and I hope you have fun!


I noticed that alot of people were commenting on a lack of ambient sound, I just checked and I forgot to include my custom soudscape and soundfiles!!

I am currently updating the ZIP file to include these files, if you are experiencing this problem simply redownload and re-extract to your CS folder (not your maps folder!). Give it around 10 mins from this post to let it upload fully, thanks!

Download: http://robert.nuclear-dawn.net/Misc/de_ ... forest.zip

Have fun!


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Just downloaded it. Wow.

I've got a 7800 GeForce and a dual core AMD (anything more specific I'd have to find out) and framrate was pretty good with 13 bots.

The first few seconds in this thing were fantastic. Covering from rock to rock, blind firing everywhere in panic. Hearing bullets hit all around me, ducking into one of the rundown shacks for cover, wondering where the hell it was coming from. A whole new level of gameplay.

Felt like a whole new game. Congratulations on some revolutionary work.

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Thanks guys!! :)

The feedback on navigation was really good and i've tried to implement more landmarks and unique areas to the map in response. There are also many subtle markers t help guide you along the way such as flowers signposts and colour variations in the trees.

Thanks for the mirror too, I appreciate it! :)

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