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F.E.A.R. 2 - Project Origin : 18 minute gameplay video


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Wow. This vid is a good indication that it's time to let the IP die and move on. It's a complete rehash of the first game.

Sure we'll set a scary atmosphere, but you're only gonna fight soldiers! Are you scared yet?

Blast a guy with your shotgun and he turns into red mist! Just like real life!

But wait, you can kick over hospital gurneys! Sweet, now my tactics have completely evolved from turning on bullet time and blasting away to....turning on bullet time and blasting away!

And I especially liked how you break a window, and the broken glass vanishes in a matter of seconds. They don't have enough system resources to leave fragments around longer than that?

but but the AI looks to be as stupid as ever ... and hospitals are infinitely big with no exterior windows what so ever ...

Yeah the AI was pretty bad too. Didn't see any kind of squad tactics whatsoever. And yes, hospitals normally aren’t supposed to have exterior windows, because if they did then if a fire broke out people would be able to escape. Didn’t you know this :P?

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This isn't an addon pack? Looks exactly the same as FEAR1. And that guy playing could aim for shit. Even if his shit was made of aim.

It looked fun though, but you know - wouldn't hurt if they made it slightly different other than corridor room corridor. I dunno what, but something for a bit of variation.

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It's a complete rehash of the first game.

Valve got away with it three times......

But it's rather apparent that these guys have virtually no creativity. Hell, they let their fans pick the title, and then settled on the most generic one on the list.

I can see it now;

"Man, you gotta check out Project Origin!"

"That the new Linkin Park CD?"

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While I'm not on this project (even though I know a thing or two about it), I can say some things :)

1. Some of these comments are pretty funny, some are clever!

2. There's lots of ignorance here- try not to judge a book by it's cover. Just because you see this or you see that, doesn't mean that's all there is. That's about all I will say about that.


Let's have a cold one, and in memory of Friday Night Lights Season Two, look at this sweet headshot of Brad Leland:


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Didn't see the video till the end, but I kinda liked the part where you woke up. Its definitely got a pretty cool feel in terms of having the 1st person character interact with objects in the world.

However apart from that, its got exactly the same flaws that has made me sick of FEAR for life. Same repetitively dull office like environments, same dudes you fight and so on. And small spooky girls? Seriously old in my opinion. Also I can't get over those harsh pitch black shadows, they just dont look good.

Its too bad though, I'd really like to see Monolith doing a new NOLF, that series could definitely use some more games in my opinion.

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What hype? I didn't even heard of fear 2 untill today! :roll:

FEAR1 was ok, and the horror scenes were nice imho.

I just saw this 17m video, and I think the engine is almost the same, if the exactly the same, i saw nothing i havent seen in the fear1, so this looks more of an expansion pack! :?

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The only point I really liked in FEAR was all the particles effects/decals/damage animations that made the shootouts look quite impressive.

I found the flashlight running out of battery every 30 seconds or so a real pain, for my eyes and for the immersion.

Scary scenes might be scary, I felt like being tricked by the always dark environments & boo!-little-girl-flashes-in-front-of-you moments.


The worst thing is that there are sunrise/noon scenes at the beginning and end of FEAR, and it looked pretty good IMO, I would have appreciated more of such outdoor environments, more windows, etc. More contrast in lighting sources etc. and not just between plain black shadows and white industrial lamps.

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