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Stuff I've made for Decadence (HL2 mod)


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Hello everyone! My first post here. Some people might recognize me from pixelmorgue, and some might even recognize me from the swedish site leveldesign.nu. Have been lurking around this place for quite some time but haven't had the guts to post anything just yet.

Here are some stuff I've made for a mod I'm working on on my spare time alongside my studies.






All of those textures are around 80% hand-painted, as I prefer being able to design my textures any way I like without depending on photo source. The trashcan is both modelled and textured by myself.

I still need to make specular and normal maps for some of these. All constructive critisism is higly appreciated =)


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Thanks for the replies everyone! And thanks for the welcome. I think you're right about some details sticking out a bit too much, but that wouldn't be too much work fixing it though. If anyone has any more critisism to give, I'd be happy to hear it. I'm eager to learn from you guys :-D

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Nice I like the 2nd, 3rd and last one most.

On the last one I would reduce the subtle cracks in the normal map a lot or remove them completely tho as they now kinda remove the metal feel of it.

Can be better to just keep such things in the diffuse and especially in the specular.

That brickwall I really like although there are some stuff you can add very easily to make it even more interesting IMO. Made a very quick and not at all good edit to the pic:


As you can see you could just try and vary the depth of the bricks, and of course maybe not as much but this is really easy to do in the normal by just adding a layer on top where you've painted out certain bricks with something darker than grey (good to vary the amount between bricks too) and just run the nvidia nm filter then mask those stones out.

Also adding a VERY slight angle to some of them in the normalmap will make it act nicely when in light. Doesn't need much at all but just to give the feel of not total perfection. You can also paint the bricks slightly different in hue and brightness in the diffuse to differ them even more.

But I'm talking very subtle stuff here.

These two things can of course be applied to pretty much any tile kind of design as with your floor tiles there.

Anyhow I like where you've been going with these. Keep up the good work.

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