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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars released


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yus my first shipped title is out on the shelves.

theres a launch trailer on http://www.enemyterritory.com which some of you might not have seen before.


i left splash a few months ago but by the time i left almost all of the art content was locked already.

well.. i just wanted to check if any of you picked it up yet and what you guys think about it. i played the demo which was a bit buggy on my laptop (read something about radeon mobility issues) but i think this has been fixed in the first patch. definitely loads of improvements since i last played it at work.

gotta give the final thing a proper whirl though.

there were moments in development where i wished we would be using a different and more suitable engine, especially the shadowing (stencil shadows) is a bit weak, even in comparison to an "old" game like bf2. personally i wouldve liked to see a bit more contrast in places (darker interiors, darker shadows) to make things look more juicy but some other devs seemed to prefer the bright and clean pro-gamer look.

i might be launching a portfolio update with some work i did on etqw soon but i better ask for permission first. i'll let you know when its up though.

oh btw.. theres a cool google-maps type site where you can have a look at the megatextures. http://d8d.org/etqwmaps/

i think they turned out great. i hope id is able to really get this "megatextures on everything"-thing working properly. those editor videos of idtech5 looked very promising :)

anyhow.. please post your opinions here :)

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Grats Sa74n, donno if I'm gonna get it. I tried to try the demo, but it kept freezing my computer when I tried to enter a game (At the first spawn screen with the top down map). After 3 tries I gave up.

Not as much into PC gaming as I used to anyway since I can run next to nothing on my home machine, but I might just pick it up for the 360 :D

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I really liked the demo and have preordered the game. I really like the gameplay, even though I wasn't too impressed with the graphics. In some parts the environments looked really awesome, but others it just looked like a bad lowres terrain texture with a detail texture on it. So I'm not too impressed with the megatexturing right now. The interior areas looked pretty poor as well imo.

But the gameplay is really fun! Though the guns feel a bit too weak.

Congrats with getting your first game out :)

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Congrats dude!

I gotta say that looking at the screenshots it's obvious that the final build is graphically enhanced than the ugly beta but only if your machine can handle it (ie dual core..). I doubt I'll play it since it's a multiplayer game but it looks the mutt's guts and from what I'm hearing it gives Battlefield a run for it's money gameplay wise :D

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Yes pretty damn nice game as a first indeed :D.

I loved the gameplay, but what bother me the much buying it is the community of players, since i will play only in FFA and that the game is really teamplaying oriented, i'm a bit skeptical :P

Also yeah, I had a question about the megatexturing that tickled me for some time now. How do you do to paint the vertical reliefs like cliffs for example without stretching the texture ? it's not just a planar projection of the terrain i presume ?

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People at work have been hooked on the demo, though personally I find the idea of instantly dying the moment you walk into an open space rather annoying... And if spawn camping is rampant on our little LAN got knows what it's like on the anonymous internet!

But credit where it's due they've nailed the whole map objectives thing and realised that no matter what objectives, story or motivation you give the players, all 99% of them want to do is kill other people. And most maps seem designed with this mentality in mind.

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