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Shack (Scene in Unreal engine 3)


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This is my test platform for getting experience in Unreal engine 3. All content you see has been crafted by my aching hands.

The actual setting started as a vague image in my head that I ironed out as I went along.

Production time clocks in around 3½-4 weeks spread over a number of months.

The scene consists of 41 meshes, used 616 times and adding upp to a bit over 50 000 polygons.

Tools I've used:

UnrealED (Roboblitz)

Maya 8.0



Photoshop CS3


As this is just a scene rendered in Unreal engine 3 and not an actual level I have not included a download link. Sadly another project now takes my full attention or I would've made a fly-trough trough the scene and post it but I'm putting that thought on hold for now.

Wireframes, assets or whatever will be shown upon interest.

Thanks to:

Hourences, for providing tutorials trough his site and his artistic and technical advice on IRC.

Family and friends, and especially my brother David for lending me his laptop to work on the scene during the summer.

Everyone in #terrafusion on quakenet for feedback

Everyone in #Unrealed on both Enterthegame and Quakenet for feedback

And everyone else who provided feedback and critics but does not fit into any of the above groups.

Enough talk. Here are the images of the scene. :)













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Thanks for all the comments :)

Algor, Alot of it is modular. A few examples, each of the 4 wall in the shack is an individual mesh. The wooden bridge consits of about 10 plank thats just repeated over and over.

The metal plates are all individual meshes. The pipes consists of about 5 or 6 different peices that are scattered about plus one that i built specific for the shack structure with pipes leading trough holes in the wall etc. The mountain structure is repeated alot if you look closly but i think its generic enough to make it work while keeping it interesting.

Trees and rocks are all individual too. The lanterns actually consist of two meshes: One with the actual yellow/orange glow to it that doesnt cast or recieve any shadows and then the cage around it that casts shadow to give it the nice shadows from the cage ^^

Then theres alot of single wooden poles, planks, barrels, crates, gastank. All individual and scattered about. :)

Lee3dee, yes. They're meshes (god rays? Been listening to Bungie podcast, have we? :P) I tried a new method of doing em compared to a previous project that I worked with using unreal engine. Rather than using a cylinder i used a sphere that i scaled around alot. The results worked but there was no bigger difference otherwise so it was all rather pointless ._.

I made the volumetric shader (read "looked at existing ones in roboblitz and copied it).

Any specific models you care to look at?

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