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Yo guys, i need some advices about an illustration <:)


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Yeah indeed, i'm currently making myself a portfolio (about time.. and i'll need one that year..), so i've decided to retake an idea i had a long time ago, making a flash interface out of one of my illustrations.

I must have spent almost 10 hours on it... and like every long illustration, i need to take some back and some feedback from the exterior. So before getting it definitive and making a nice little background, i wanted to know what you guys would advice me to get it better. In terms of colors of the different parts, contrasts, new details.. yeah anything you would see fine on it.

Another idea i have is to make it an animation, a bit like the ones in Warcraft3 campaign menu, just the wind moving some parts and idle animations, but that will take TIME!!! However definatly cool looking i think :D.

So basically you got 3 sections, 2D 3D and About for the CV/contacts.


And for fun and your interest :P

The first sketch with pencil on paper


The "inked" lines, basically i contrasted/darkened the pencil lines and then i cleaned them manually with a brush


yoyoyo drop you coms dudez

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you have such a fun style of drawing koko.

yeah a flash animation of parts would be cool like if you scrolled over/clicked on the little wrench head dude he'd jump or the bear's cigarette would leave a smoke trail or the squid would... squiggle. lol

I have no problems with the colors you've used so unless someone else gives reason I think they're good.

Just a thought.. you could see what it would looked like flipped horizontally as a lot of times action in a picture is left to right.. if only to see what it looked like.

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I don't quite understand on merely how you manage your drawing Koko ! Simply Amazing !

By the way I would suggest you to make your online portfolio half xhtml/css and half abode Flash like I did to my brother (WIP).

Besides you might keep your first idea and I could help you to build it. By exemple I've given a try for a full flash website (a while ago) were the animation fit on every display.

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Hell yeah kokos, looks awesome! You are getting really really better.

I have to agree with meotwister here, if you want to give it a bit more action flip it horizontaly (I did a test myself but I'm too lazy to upload :D).

Only thing I'd add would be more shadows on her hair, specialy right next to the neck. That would give it a bit more depth.

All in all this is probably your best work so far :) keep it up bro.

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the resolution is too high for the final webpage imho but that's just a sidenode

Mainly this is an awesome sketch and the idea itself sounds cool but I would add some kind of splash on the clickable parts, so for example paint some beams around the head of the head of the "clicker" and you could animate that beams as well for the hovering

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I'd like to see some more ground on the left, next to where the person is standing. cause right now it seems a bit heavy on the upper part with the 3d-element but no ground to get a hold of it, if it should collapse - theoretically :D

you know what i mean ?

because i just don't like all that beige color tone on the lower left side. it kinda disbalances the image for me.

and the arrows. i know you wanted the freehand look but imo it looks like one of my tries when i use my mouse in photoshop and draw an arrow - it's too randomly random - i'd go over these arrows again :)

with the "2d text" the 2 and the D are too close together to be readable right the moment you see them. you might erase some of the lower part of the 2.

well yeah and i imagine this page to be centerred, so i might suggest that you add some more of the beige part on the right side, so it doesn't have that cutout look to it.

as of animation thingies. the teddy could have some smoked cigarettes in front of him ?

her eye might blink every once in a while.

the tentacle thing might move the arms when hovered. but to be honest, I don't like such overdone flash-animated-things in a portfolio. the blinking is fine :D

let all 3 blinkblink \o/

because to be honest. i think if someone would want to hire you, it'd be because of your 3d and 2d skills and not the flashanimationhomepagething. that's my point at least. if the amount of work you put in your homepage could be put in your work to improve that, something is mighty wrong, i'd say.

but oh well, i talk like i know what i'm saying and studied this or whatnot. just do whatever floats your boat. i'm just weird as usual :D

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Unf thanks guys :D

meotwistar, mino* i tried what you said, flip it horizontally to the right, but i don't know, in my mind the drawing doesn't work flipped in this direction. The characters expressions and stands look very weird, but maybe that's because it's already weird .. :P. I'll try to pimp a bit the volume of the hair mino i think you are right indeed.

seldoon* i already don't have a clue on how to make a complete flash based website, so if i have to add css.. haha :D Well actually i got a little one, but i'll harass you on msn about it..

Periscolon* Sir you are indeed totally right, the pencil sketch must have taken me 2 hours or so, and suffered many eraser hits :/, maybe because i wanted to do something good or because i knew i was going to make the inked lines from it so i wanted to keep them as clean as possible. But i know my lines aren't confident enough but bah, that'll come with training .. perhaps

E-freak* That's was actually the idea, with a little animation for the particular character, and yeah i understand well enough that the user needs to know it's clikable when he hovers above it, i've got some cool idea for that like also clikable little bubbles beside the character with the section name, to make it more readable.

Acumen* Haha no no, the arrows were made in 3 seconds to show to which section the character is attached, it's definitely not the final version :D.

And i agree with you, i don't want to have any overdone animation effects, like the little blue guy making a triple axel then land on his little finger spinning on himself take a skate and do a Jesusfuckingchrist air 720°. No, of course not :D, that will be to much fucking work, and also unreadable.

And i know i won't be hired for my website, especially if i want to be an environnement artist :). But it's like offering Christmas gifts in a old shoebox :P, even if what's inside is fucking great you don't pay it the same attention. So yeah, rather than making a cool designed and optimized website, i thought it'd be also a good way to show a sample of my illustrations on the first glance which can't never be a bad thing, i think :D

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