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For metalians, hopefully a 'fresh new sound' to the genre.


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Apart from the bad quality off the recording ,since i lack any form of good recording software (which will hopefully change this month! and i'l lre-record it then) what do you guys thino f the following track.


It's a fusion of me and my friends favorite bands their styles, and we're hoping to create a new kind of sound.

Any constructive and/or non constructive critisism is welcomed, please don't be too harsh ,we're amateurs trying to work on a nice project, which will hopefuflly someday form into a band if we can find a drummer / bass player that want to play it.

Hope you enjoy it :)


The intro guitar (bakcing guitar chords) has a de-tuned high e or b string (well D since we're playing in D... but anyway)

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The drums sound like fingertipping on the desk :/. They need to sound waaaaaaaaay more brutal! Also I can't really hear a solid song structure... and obviously no singer :). Apart from that I think it is ok (at least a decent start i'd say).

Not really my style of metal but I think you will find a few people who will like your music.

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I think it's a drum computer , a bad one ;) Anyways, i'm working on buying (costs a bomb but i need tto buy >.<) drum kit from hell, a bass guitar ,and an usb port to stick my guitar in, guitar rig ,and cuebase.

Got most of it this week ,i just need to wait till next month to get more cash so i can go get drum kit from hell and one of those usb thingies (thank god those are cheap :)).

Yeah the name is just because i'm used to writing brutal death metal, you know ;)

Was more curious to what you thought of the music, no the quality of the track or technicalities, but i guess ti gets a bit hard to focus o nthat with such a shitty recording. :P

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