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Colonial house


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Ok I got around to watch Issues 1-3 of the 3dbuzz VTMs this weekend and created this model yesterday. It's my first model which isn't based off a tutorial or something. I haven't made the back because I got into some sloppy vertice work there which I will try to prevent from the start with my next model. But for now I'm satisfied with this one. It's some colonial house, maybe in a harbour, I don't know. I aim for modeling buildings which can actually be used in maps so don't expect tons of detail. Here's a picture (no render, I still have to learn how to make acceptable ones):


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pretty good, but then again pretty basic shapes to really judge without some textures on it, imo.

For what engine would you want to use this model, cause you said you want it to be in some of your maps. If it's for HL, you can save some polies, as vertex lighting isn't really included in there, and therefore you can just stick parts of the model in each other (like above the window, this box sticking out, doesn't need to be connected to the rest then) and if it should be for a newer engine you could surely add more detail to it. Even for Half-Life you could add some more :D

At least you could rounden those arches a bit more, cause that won't take much more polies.

And I think the roof could be a bit more massive and go over the sides a bit more. But then again I don't know your ref ^^

I hope you're gonna texture this thing. Really looking forward to that :)

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I won't actually use this one in a map, but the reason why I'm learning 3dsmax is to create models of buildings for future maps. I'm just mentioning it because it isn't a model I build for a scene or something, the models I will make will be used in levels of games (unless I build them for practicing purposes).

As ref I used the pic of this whacky monkey island town, I found it very inspiring:


I agree on the roof, it could be a little more massive.

Thanks for the comments and the tut st0lve!

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well but now you can save lots of polies on the outer side (is denn das ein wort ? Außenseite mein ich halt) of the bridge, cause the shape doesn't change but its still using lots of polies for a basically flat surface. O_O

If I could speak English I wouldn't have unterstood myself right now. I can use my crazy MSPaint skills to illustrate my weird explanation try, though ^^

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frie, select the edges with edge sub object, then press backspace (not delete)

it will delete the edge but not change your geometry. then do the same to the vertices. that way you dont have all those extra subdivisions on at flat plane.

also if you have something selected, press J to turn that stupidass bounding box off.. very useful

looks good i think, although for mapping things are usually more broken up than that, say a piller is one model, the roof is another (or even sections of it)

keep going

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