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Scout-Model - first try within HL2-Polycount-Specs


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hiho, you good sirs :)

I was just forwarded to this site by Splitta and thought I could show a model I'm currently working on. unfortunately I worked on it with many break, so it took me over 2 weeks to get this far and still isn't finished completely, like the hands should be replaced, cause those are my old versions and the chest area might get some more detail tomorrow.

But it was a great practise object for me in general, so I could get used (at least a bit) to the HL2 Polycounts. I hope to get my hands on the second try at this polycount region this week, when I should finish the car model in time :D

I was also told that the face sucks ass, so will try to improve this special region on the next model as well :cry:

Anyways, I seem to talk way too much, so blame me ^^, anyways here are some pics. Any crits would be nice.


http://v091259.dd2110.kasserver.com/mod ... smooth.jpg


http://v091259.dd2110.kasserver.com/mod ... 3_wire.jpg


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mh, its not really for pirates and vikings no, I would have noticed that. :)

Its just practise so far, and maybe I'll use it in a first version of my HL2-Mod if I should find someone to uvmap this, cause my computer is dying while I'm working on this. It is just not made for doing this things ^^

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mh, i think thats what döner meant, when he said, the face sucks ass :/

now i heard that the second time and the longer I look at it, the more I think you're right, but I can't really put my finger on it, why it looks so female. Maybe its the shape off the lips...I really don't know :(

But I'll mess around with it tomorrow, I guess.

thanks for your feedback so far \o

but on the other hand, when I look at the normal smoothed render, it looks much more male, imo, cause of the shadows in the eye region. Pretty weird O_o

I'll see what I can do, anyways :)

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